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Why The Grocery Industry is Important to Me!

As some of you might know, I recently made the decision to return to working inside grocery stores. This was a decision I knew that would eventually happen, I just didn’t know the when. To have a better understanding of the why, let me tell you a bit about my past. When I was 5 … Continue reading »

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Growing Up: Grief and Life

I am at that age where those we looked up to as children, those who have helped care for us are starting to pass away. This past year, I have experienced 6 deaths within my extended family. Some of those were incredibly close and I have seen, more than ever, the importance of family. The … Continue reading »

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WoodenShoe Tulip Farm – Woodburn, Oregon

It was a little over 3 Years ago when i discovered WoodenShoe Tulip Farm in Oregon. I relentlessly followed them on Instagram (@woodenshoefarm). I discovered them after I visited a small Tulip field at a nearby winery in my community! My love of Tulips was growing more and more. When I discovered Woodenshoe, I was … Continue reading »

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