Our Annual Camping Tradition!


When we moved to Northern California nearly 4 years ago, my other half started a new tradition with his cousins for his birthday!  Every year, we’d pick a weekend near his birthday to go camping!

We often times will go on our own a few times throughout the summer, but for the most part, this was the BIG WEEKEND TRADITION that has stuck, and we all look forward to each year.

With that being said, there are always a few camping essentials we need to bring with us each year:

  1. Extra Blankets

See above: That Picnic blanket has been a camping savior!  For placing outside our tent for when we go in and out of each night and/or morning.  Keeps all the dirt out of the tent.  BUT also, if you want to go to the nearby beach or lake, it’s easy to transport with you for laying around

2) Camping Pans


We have certain pans that we only use for camping!  They’re essential for us! But they’re also made for camping, and placing over the campfire grills!

 3) Toilet Paper


Lets be honest? It’s always a good idea to have this on hand.  Whether you’re hiking in the woods, by the lake, on a RV or Boat, it’s easy to store, and convenient when on the go! It’s also versatile.  Scott’s Rapid Dissolve was designed specifically for RV and Boats, and camping!  Also perfect for easy cleanup!

If you head to Amazon, there’s a GREAT deal where you can purchase a bundle of Scott’s Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper and SAVE 2.00.  If you purchase through amazon prime, you’ll have it within 2 days!

4) Water Toys

It’s kind of a rule when we go camping, we have to be near water! Whether it’s for boating, swimming, or rafting, we always must bring out water toys with us!

5) Sunscreen

And the most important thing to remember: the sunscreen! When camping, you know you’re out in the outdoors! It’s always important to keep that skin protected!

What are some of your must camping essentials?


Our cat got into the Toilet Paper as we were packing up for camping this past July 4th weekend!


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Are you READY for the BEST Night Ever with Broadway Under the Stars?

Disclosure: I attended a show of Broadway Under the Stars on behalf of this article, but all opinions are my own.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Call

I first found out about Transcendence Theatre Company nearly 3 years ago, and LOVED the concept then. Over the past 3 years, the summers would come, and I would constantly hear people rave about “Broadway Under the Stars,” and knew I had to experience it myself.

Last summer, my future mother in law and I discussed how we wanted to plan a night to go see them live, but unfortunately, it was too late in the summer to lock anything in, so at the beginning of this summer, we knew we had to make it happen, and we are so glad we did! (I think we started a new summer tradition!)

As Amy Miller (Artistic Director) asks at every show now, “Are you ready to have the BEST NIGHT EVER?” It truly is a night you will look back on, and something truly worth experiencing if you’re headed to Sonoma Wine Country any time this upcoming summer!

So what is Broadway Under the Stars?

Broadway Under the Stars is a Musical Show that takes place in Jack London State Historic Park every summer for the past 6 years.  This year marks its 6th Seasonal debut.


Doors open up to the park beginning at 5pm, where guests of the show are welcome to bring in picnic baskets of their own foods to enjoy before the show.  There are also food trucks available, and wine and beer available for purchase during the evening.  (Alcohol can not be brought into the park due to permits, but can be purchased onsite!)


The show begins at 7:30pm where you enjoy the Musical Performance as the sun goes down in the beautiful park.  Performers come from across the US from Los Angeles, New York and more, some coming straight off Broadway Shows to perform at Broadway Under the Stars during the summer! The talent of this incredible group is shown throughout the entire performance!

How it ALL Began:

The idea first came to Amy Miller for Transcendence Theatre Company back in 2007.  In 2008, they (the founders) took their first trip to Punta Banda, Mexico.  A tiny, small Mexican village.  In 2009, they had their first benefit for Transcendence Theatre Company in Los Angeles.

In 2009, the Transcendence Artist Project was born:

It is commonly known that many artists struggle with eating, addictive, anxiety, and emotional disorders. The Transcendence Theatre Company was founded specifically to help improve this situation.

In the spring of 2009, the company completed a theatrical residency at the Gertrude Pearlman Theatre in Punta Banda, Mexico. During the 4-month project, the company joined with a team of holistic health specialists to integrate physical and mental health practices into an artists training. The artists worked with specialists in a variety of fields including fitness, nutrition, psychology, music therapy, and neuroscience. TTC produced the musical Working along with various community projects with local orphanages and the residents of Punta Banda, La Bufadora, and Rosarito, Mexico.  ~Transcendence Theatre Company

After this experience, they returned to Los Angeles where they planned their vision for Transcendence Theatre Company.  Their hope was to find a place like the Hollywood Bowl where they could create award winning performances. So, their search began.  They rented a RV and began their search for the perfect place to make their dream a reality. They called this trip, “Project Knowledge.” ~Stephen Stubbins (Co-Director of Transcendence Theatre Company).

They first landed in Sonoma County in 2010, and instantly fell in love with it. It became their chosen location in 2011.  That same year, Over 70 State Park closures were announced that May! In October, they had their first benefit concert for Jack London State Historic Park, and in 2012, they held their first Broadway Under the Stars Performance in the park.  To this day, they still give $5 dollars back to the park for every ticket sold to their performances! They have donated over 400,000 dollars back to the park because of this!


It was truly a journey for them, and that’s what makes their first performance of the season this year so special, “Another Openin’ Another Show” is a look at their first 10 year journey in making their dream a reality through a variety of Broadway Performances and songs (I guarantee  you, that if you love Broadway Theatre, you won’t be able to go the entire night without singing to one of the songs they perform!) Their last performance of Another Openin’ Another Show is Sunday, July 2nd.

Other Performances this summer include:

Fantastical Family Night (July 14-15)

Fascinating Rhythm (August 4-20)

Gala Celebration (September 8-10)


Photo Credit: Robert Pangelli

It is truly a show worth seeing, and putting on your summer bucket list! For more information about the Transcendence Theatre Company, to purchase tickets, or more, please head here.

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Love Rhone Varietals? Check out the Rhone Rangers!

Disclosure: I attended the San Francisco Rhone Rangers Event in San Francisco on Saturday, June 10th.  This was my experience.

The Rhone Rangers is my type of wine event.  It truly is.  Let me explain why:  Since I discovered my love of wine, I’ve been fixated on sharing and finding US Made Wines.  This is where my love truly began, and lets be honest: there’s some incredible wine making happening across the US.  Not just in California (although that’s where a lot of my discovery is happening since I reside there!) But in other places such as Virginia, New York, Missouri, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho too!


  Held in the Presidio of San Francisco at the Golden Gate Club (walking along the Presidio is where this was shot)

So, why is the Rhone Rangers such a great fit?  The Rhone Rangers focus on Rhone Varietals (obviously! but think of varietals such as Viognier, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.) But, they go beyond that: they also are focusing on what US Winemakers and Growers are doing with Rhone Varietals across the US.  It’s actually a really fun time to be following this group of winemakers because they’re still experimenting with Rhone Varietals, and discovering what they truly can do within the US.  Even some Rhone Varietals are beginning to make their own appearances on US soil for the first time, and varietals that aren’t as well known are beginning to show up (pay attention y’all!).  Also, more on that in a little bit.

In the last year I have fallen in love with Rhone Varietals, and in particular, what winemakers across California are doing with them.  After seeing Rhones throughout Lodi, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara Counties, I knew I was ready to experience the Rhone Rangers, and I’m so glad I did.


The Rhone Rangers came to San Francisco on Saturday, June 10th, offering a well diverse group of Rhone Wines in one space for one afternoon.  They also offered 2 seminars:

The First, which I attended, focused on unique varietals of Rhones that people may not know as well.  This seminar showcased 4 different wines from 4 different winemakers: Jeremy Weintraub from Adelaida Vineyards with Picpoul Blanc, Larry Schaffer from Tercero Wines with Marsanne, Ben Cane from Westwood Wines with Counoise, and Neil Collins with the first US grown Terret Noir.


What is Terret Noir?  Truthfully, an entire room of people are still trying to figure it out.  As each of us listened to Neil Collins explain what it was, he even admitted, “he wasn’t quite sure himself,” and honestly, he really didn’t know that much about it.” Terret Noir was brought over from the Rhone Valley because it was one of the 13 Approved Rhone Grapes approved by Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This was a mission for Tablas Creek Vineyard to have all 13 of the Approved Grape Varietals.  In 2003, they brought the clone over from France, where it sat in Quarantine for 10 years before Tablas Creek Vineyard could even begin planting it (if you didn’t know, Tablas Creek also did this in the 1970’s with some of the more well known Rhone Varietals, and now look it Paso Robles!)  The 2015 Vintage is now their 3rd Vintage of the grape, and the first time it’s being released to the public. One thing we have figured out?  Everyone thinks this will be a GREAT blending grape.  They will be producing a syrah/grenache blend for their 2016 vintage. It’s a Red Wine, where I can honestly say, I have yet to taste anything like it before.  I instantly picked up floral notes from the wine, but the true fun, was trying to distinguish, “what was it exactly?”  It will be fun to watch to see what happens with this grape, and what it will become. There’s a great article on The Tablas Creek Blog about this Grape.

The second focused on the Pioneers of Rhone Rangers which brought in the early beginnings of the Rhone Grape Growers and Winemakers to discuss the early beginnings, and how the landscape has changed within the past 20 years.


Sondra Bernstein receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rhone Rangers San Francisco Event.

There was also a luncheon and Auction, where they honored Sondra Bernstein of The Girl and the Fig as their 2017 Lifetime Achievement Honoree, and to celebrate her past 20 years running The Girl and the Fig, where she only serves Rhone Style Wines at her restaurant.  She has been an avid supporter of Rhone Wines throughout the years, and it was truly felt when they honored her that afternoon.

And then, in the afternoon, a full grand tasting where 69 wineries were present to pour their wines:


The Grand Tasting in Action

What I loved about the Grand Tasting were seeing my favorite wine regions of California come together in one room to celebrate the Rhone Varietals of Wine:  Some recommendations from the grand tasting include:


Acquiesce Winery: Sue Tipton focuses on White Only Rhone Varietal Wines.  And on a hot, summer day in Lodi, it is the perfect place to stop into.  Sue does a GREAT job showcasing the White Rhone Varietals, but also Lodi’s ability to truly excel in making white wines.

Field Family Wines: Cinsault is a varietal that is popping up around Lodi, and Field Family Wines does a great job of showcasing this varietal, and I was so happy to see they were pouring it during the grand tasting.


Santa Barbara County:

Qupe: If you want to see how Santa Barbara County wineries are doing, definitely stop into Qupe, one of the pioneers of Rhone Varietals throughout California.


Tercero Wines:  Larry Schaffer told us his story of how he fell in love with the Marsanne Varietal during one tasting event, and the complexity of it, comparing it to a Red Wine, yes, a white wine that drinks like a red wine.

But, for me, it was his Mourvedre Rose that did me in.

Jaffurs Wines:  After tasting over at Tercero, Larry recommended I stop by Jaffurs Wine, and I’m so glad I did.  I fell in love with his Petite Syrah and Grenache Blanc, but was so happy to see one of my favorite Santa Barbara Vineyards was showcased in his wines with the Bien Nacido vineyard.


Westwood Wines:  I really enjoyed hearing about Westwood Wines story during Seminar 1, and since they reside in Sonoma County, and along the Petaluma Gap, this winery has me intrigued.  I will be visiting in the future.

Unti Vineyards:

This winery has been on my list to try for awhile now.  So I had to stop by their booth at the Grand Tasting.  And yes, I’d highly recommend.


Crux Winery: They have a GSM Blend Rose.  But, others have recommended that I try Crux in the past so when I saw them at the event, I had to stop by to try them for myself.  And I was very pleased.


Paso Robles:

Tablas Creek Vineyard: They have been such a front runner in helping develop Rhone Wines across California that you must stop by to try their wines at a Rhone event.

Adelaida Vineyards:  Try their Picpoul Blanc.  It is definitely a favorite summer drinking wine for me.

Kukkula Winery:


I wrote about Kukkula Winery previously.  And I love what Kevin Jussila is doing, and he makes some GREAT wines.  Check HIM out.

Ledge Vineyards:


When a winemaker suggests you stop by a booth, you do it.  I talked with Mark Adams for awhile.  One thing I love about his style of winemaking is that he really lets the wine become its own, and the tastes really come out when you taste his wines. 

Shale Oak Winery:


I’m not a huge fan of Viognier, however, when I tasted Shale Oak’s, I fell in love with it.  Another instance where you can’t say you don’t like a certain varietal of wine because truly, it comes down to finding the right wine for you in that varietal.


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