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Dreaming of an Alaskan Cruise!

Posted by on October 26, 2011

Since it’s Whimsical Wednesday, and I’ve always dreamed of taking an Alaskan Cruise, I thought I’d share the pictures with all of you =)

Just the scenary around you as you embark upon that cruise.  Although, I’m sure the pool atop this cruise ship wouldn’t be nearly as populated as to other cruises.





 I can imagine the sunsets from here.  With such a beautiful scenery with the Alaskan Mountains throughout, the sunsets would not disappoint.








Have any of you been on an Alaskan cruise before? Did you love it?  What excursions did you partake in, and what was your favorite memory from the cruise?




It would be my dream to capture something like this.  This cruise must happen for me at least one time in my life.  So who’s with me? =)

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