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Social Media is BLOWING me away!

Posted by on January 8, 2012


It had me in tears.  I read two blog posts tonight, just two and they had me in tears.  They touched my heart.  They touched the amazing beauty of the insides of love, caring, passion, and well beauty of what humans can truly do for one another.

The first post was brought to you by Megan from Sunshine Wonderland.  She talked about her son, and how having a child around truly has helped her family.  It reminded me of all the young ones in my family, and how true it is.  How a young one just running around rampant can make anyone’s day.  It touched my heart.

And then I hopped on Twitter, and I saw so many posts about the #travelingreddress project.  This post was written back in 2010, but yet, it just reached me tonight.  I read all the posts in the hashtag #travelingreddress  I also read her post here.

It was a reminder to let the worries go, to let the society fears go, and just reach out, to just let go, and put on that beautiful ball gown dress you’ve always wanted to.

As I read the hashtags with the #travelingreddress I teared up more as I saw so many women reach out to one another.  AS I saw more women put their red dresses on through pictures, as more women came together buying dresses to contribute to the cause or offered their services in anyway they can.

It was then that I realized the true reach of social media, the true reach of how genuine and people truly can be, and the true meaning of reaching out to one another.

It is love.  It is passion.  It is connecting with others.  That is what makes life so special.  Makes life worthwhile.

So, for those that take the time to read this blog, take the time to reach out to me, I truly thank you.  It means more than you could ever know!

And, I just want to end this by saying: go find your red dress and put it on.  It doesn’t have to be red, but grab that dress you’ve always wanted to wear and give yourself a day.  And if you’re looking for a photographer in the SoCal region, I’d be more than happy to help in sharing in your day!


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  1. mrswonderMrs. Wonder

    Awww, thank you!

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