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Why EVEN Go to South Dakota?

Posted by on February 8, 2012

Nothing is more awe strucking then seeing Mount Rushmore in person.  Although it was many, many, many years ago for me it is still ingrained into my head.  The height of that mountain, and then you think about how many years it took them to carve the heads, and what tools they even used from that high up, to it’s final result.  Incredible.

Going to South Dakota was my first iconic road trip.  I don’t even remember how old I was, but I remember that long, torturous car ride.  I remember sitting in the back seat with my brother as we fought, as we played car games, as we put on our cassette players so we wouldn’t have to hear one another to reaching our first destination of the famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

The outside mosaic made strictly of Corn.  I had never seen anything like it.  To this day, I’m not sure how it has held up, or if the same amount of awe still comes from the kids that pass the building today, but to me, it was my first road trip.  My first family trip.  My first of a lot of travelling I’d be doing in my life.

And then seeing the badlands.  This was the first time seeing any kind of land formation that wasn’t flat or hilly, or otherwise known as Minnesota.  As excited as my dad was about the badlands, when we got there, I grew bored fast.   However, we still made the most of it as we ran around the formations.

But my favorite part of visiting the area around Mount Rushmore in South Dakota was hitting the main streets.  The restoration they made for those towns to keep it’s historic feel. Seeing carriages drive along the streets, and my first time seeing anything related to Indians was here.

I will always hold these memories within.  It was my first to visit South Dakota one last time before I moved out of Minnesota, but I never got there.  I’d love to go back there to see the historic value of South Dakota all over again.  I’d love to go back there because I feel I’d even appreciate it more as an adult.   However, it will be years before I get back there now.

Have you ever been to South Dakota?  What were some of your favorite memories?


13 Responses to Why EVEN Go to South Dakota?

  1. Marie Noelle

    I’ve never been there but I would love to see Mount Rushmore someday! I always loved seing picture of it!

  2. TBM

    I’ve never seen Mount Rushmore, but it is on my list.

  3. Debra

    One day I hope to share such lovely photos and info about Mount Rushmore too 🙂 We can always hope!

  4. thesuburbanistanet

    Omg I am so jealous. I know people hear these states and you are like why would you bother? I mean its “the dakotas” or who would go to idaho? I mean the states are gorgeous and people went to them for some reason and tourists go all the time they offer more then just a name or in some cases humorous accents that make you giggle.

  5. Alexis Grace

    I haven’t been to South Dakota. It looks interesting! Honestly, I have mentioned it before, I am more of an international traveler- but I do feel like I should learn more about the country!

  6. Candi

    No I have never been there. I would love to see some of these historical sites.

  7. Roni Weiss (@roniweiss)

    Ha. I went to the Corn Palace.

  8. Karen

    Jamie, my only memory of going to South Dakota was when your mom & dad eloped….I went as their witness. LOL Guess I need to go back someday & see some of these cool looking sites!


  9. Christina

    I’ve never been there, but I’d love to see Mt. Rushmore.

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