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Week 2 of Cell Phone Photography Entries.

Posted by on April 9, 2012

Here is another week of showing pictures from fellow bloggers and readers of my blog:

This picture was taken by Maribel Reyes from  She was walking along Chinatown in Los Angeles when she took this picture.

This was another picture taken by Maribel Reyes.  This picture was during a sunset in Solana Beach, CA.

This was from my childhood friend Courtney taking a picture of her daughter Sydney on her 1st birthday.  Just have to love those first birthday cakes =) I hope this picture brought lot of memories to all of you!

This picture comes to us from Heather Atkinson of  This was taken on an impromptu beach trip where no cameras beyond the cell phone were along.  This silhoette came out beautifully and is unedited.

This picture was taken by Melissa ‘Reyes from in which she called “The Morning Moon.”  She was just out taking a sip of her coffee when she spotted this.

Spotted: A red Camelia.  Photo taken by Melissa Reyes from

A LEGO heart that Melissa Reyes put together on her desk and took a picture.  It was her valentine’s gift from her husband.  The blue background adds a great touch!  Thankes Melissa for sharing.

Melissa Reyes from mizmeliz also showed us this picture.  A bunch of wicker chairs found behind the stagebush cantina on the way to the Calabasa’s Farmer’s Market.

The picture above and the picture below were pictures taken from Afghanistan by a childhood friend of mine: Jeni Ketchum.  She has served time over there, and I thank her for that.

The other two pictures below are also pictures taken by Jeni while serving time in Afghanistan.

And then here is one of Jeni.

Again, I appreciate everyone for sharing their cell phone pictures with Minnesota Girl in LA.  These past two weeks were a lot of fun in receiving the pictures, and showcasing them with all of you.

And now, a couple from me:

Me as I was trying on a variety of different wigs for the upcoming Halloween season, and to get an idea of what I would look like as a blonde 😉

And this picture was taken by my partner in crime: David Smith at my first LobsterFestival 😉



17 Responses to Week 2 of Cell Phone Photography Entries.

  1. Dale Anne Potter

    Always FUN to see other’s take on what interests them – via photographs.
    THANKS for posting these all Jamie!!!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Recharged….

  2. Lisa Birnesser

    Great pics! I really enjoyed the beach photos. Makes my heart ache for a Cali trip.

  3. Nisha

    Cell phone pics aren’t always perfect, but they sure do come in handy for the impromptu pictures, like the silhouette on the beach you posted.

    Just today I was sitting outside, and all three of my dogs were standing at the top of the deck stairs facing away from me. All I could see was butts and tails – and I had to snap a pic. 🙂
    Nisha recently posted..10 Most Important Foods To Buy Organic

  4. Anita

    Lobster festival? I am a fishermans daughter 🙂 I love the hat! Thanks for sharing your love of photography 🙂
    Anita recently posted..Fill Yourself Up With Positive Habits—instead of bad ones!

  5. Kelly

    Nice pics. My favorite is the silhouette of daddy and daughter on his shoulders at the beach. It’s amazing how far we have come with technology now that we can capture moments like that with our phones.
    Kelly recently posted..A Relationship is Not Going to Fix You

  6. Elaine Shannon

    Art is perception…it is always interesting to see what people see. The angles, the colors…I particularly like the lego heart.
    Elaine Shannon recently posted..Spring Closet Organization and Storage

  7. Matthew Smith

    I almost want to get Instagram, now. And live near a beach. I’ll have to look up Solana Beach, then. Hm.
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Car Rental Aside, Adulthood Is Mostly Overrated

  8. Trinity

    Love the pictures! I can’t wait until my cell phone takes better photos.
    Trinity recently posted..Frozen Grapes

  9. Jennifer

    How fun, thanks for sharing. I love pictures ~ especially pictures of the beach. It’s amazing what a cell phone camera can do these days, isn’t it?! Great variety of photos here, which I guess it what you’d expect in LA, huh?
    Jennifer recently posted..How to Use Google+ to Become an Expert Author With rel=author

  10. candi

    what a great idea. I love the pics and a great way to showcase other bloggers.
    candi recently posted..I made the move from blogger to wordpress

  11. webly

    Sunset picture is refreshing.
    And the baby with the cake, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t find it adorable.
    webly recently posted..Lost for Years, I Found THE SECRET TO SEXY ABS

  12. Alexis Grace

    Love all of these photos! So much fun talking a peek into other’s phones!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Roaring 20s Style

  13. Suzanne @ The Wine{a}be

    Great pics! I wish I would have gotten my stuff together and sent you some. Next time I suppose!
    I’m giving you the Liebster Blog award!
    Cheers! ~S
    Suzanne @ The Wine{a}be recently posted..Liebster Blog Award

  14. Melissa

    I love all the pics here! Thank you so much for sharing mine, it’s cool to know that other people like them too!
    Melissa recently posted..Easter Egg Craft Time!

    • Jamie

      Thank you for participating =) It was a lot of fun seeing all the pictures submitted.

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