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Capturing FIREWORKS with your Camera!

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Can you believe it’s going to be the 4th of July next week already?? And with that, the first thought that comes to my mind are fireworks!

How many of you have already begun hearing them go off around your neighborhoods?

Well, how many of you have tried capturing fireworks with your camera, but the shots didn’t come out, or they were blurry?  Well, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to turn this 4th of July around and leave yourself with some lasting memories.

1) Use a Tripod

The tripod will balance out the movement of your camera making for a clearer shot especially since fireworks take place during the night.

2) Have a cable release or self timer

This way it gives your camera absolutely zero movement when it takes it shot of the fireworks going off! If you don’t have the cable release, set your camera up so there is an automatic timer to go off with your shot, that way you give yourself enough time to hit the camera button and move away so the camera has zero motion when that shutter goes off.

3) Position Yourself Wisely and Arrive Early

Stake out your spot wisely.  Be cautious of people who could be in your way or objects such as trees, power lines that could ruin the shot.

4) Were you aware of FIREWORKS mode?

Some cameras today have a fireworks mode built into their camera.  This is really nice for beginner photographers, has all the settings you need right there!

5) Know the ISO to use!

If you’re using a tripod because fireworks are so bright you’re okay with keeping your camera at ISO 100 as long as you use a F-stop of F8-F16.  If you up your ISO to 200, make sure to also up your F-stop.  However, if you forgot the tripod at home, make sure to also up your iso.

6) Be aware of the weather

Mist, or clouds will affect your exposure in your pictures, you will have to make adequate adjustments to fit accordingly.

7) Put other objects to use! 

Have you ever noticed the firework pictures that have other objects along with them?  They make for some great photos.  So, get out there, and get creative.  Scour out the area you’re at, and think of how you can place an object into your photograph.

8) Give yourself a longer exposure

This is a huge reason why there is a need for a tripod so you can set your camera up for a longer exposure.  Anywhere between 1-4 second delay is recommended!

Other great articles found on capturing fireworks can be found below:–share-capture-amazing-fireworks

Get out there and have fun! I’m hoping for far better results this year than past years, and I look forward to sharing them all with you =)

Happy Shooting!






30 Responses to Capturing FIREWORKS with your Camera!

  1. Romina

    Awesome post, and very timely. I always look forward to your photography posts. BTW, love the new header and background.
    Romina recently posted..Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Etsy Finds

    • Jamie

      Thanks Romina!!! I thought it’d be a very good fit to talk about fireworks with the festivities of next week =)

  2. Modern Gypsy

    Great post. Thanks for the tips! Oh, and I love your blog header – very nice!
    Modern Gypsy recently posted..Book review: Saving June – Hannah Harrington

  3. Lisa Frederiksen -

    I’m originally from Minnesota, too! Thanks for these great tips! I have the amazing fortune to be in D.C. this 4th of July and will be watching the fireworks on The Mall so this will be very helpful — thank you!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..Trying to Decide, “Is it alcoholism or ____”?

  4. Chris

    This is great! I am just learning how to take photos with my new old DSLR. I am still getting the hang of f-stops and ISO and the P setting. I’m not a big fireworks person but at least I can practice taking photos of them! TY!

  5. Mandy Edwards

    Great tips! My firework pictures are hit and miss!

  6. Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    Great post. I am a “sort of” beginner. I started taking pics a few years ago, but only recently have had the time ( and energy) to get serious about it. Judging by your “header” you are a very accomplished photographer. Thanks for the sites and the info. In Canada the fire works will be on July 1st, so hopefully I can get a shot or two of the excitement!!

  7. Sharon G Cobb

    Great tips for capturing fireworks…something I’ve never been too good at doing.


  8. elizabeth

    Wow I had no idea how to make this work. These are great camera tips! I would love to get for pretty pictures from the 4th to remember. Thanks!
    elizabeth recently posted..The Power Of Networking

  9. Barbara Peters

    Well goodness I never knew how those pictures were taken.I really enjoy fireworks and would like to take some shots. Thanks For Sharing the tips!
    Barbara Peters recently posted..Relationship Health: Did you take your ‘one-a-day’ Today?

  10. Alexis Grace

    Great tips! Not sure what I am doing for the 4th, but I am sure I will take some photos!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Jenni Kayne Resort 2013 Collection

  11. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    Jamie, this couldn’t come in better time. I am still learning ins & outs of my new camera and our Canada Day fireworks are this Sunday….
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Banana Yogurt Parfait

    • Jamie

      I never knew Canada Day and the 4th of July were so close =) You must teach me about some of the Canada holidays, I’d love to learn!

  12. Olga Hermans

    I used to have a boyfriend who was a photographer in my early twenties; he is quite well known in Europe. I learned lots from him, but forgot most of it…:) You gave some great tips and they are very timely as well just before July 4th. Thanks!
    Olga Hermans recently posted..How Does Faith Work?

  13. Shelley

    Thank you for the excellent tips!
    Shelley recently posted..Day Trip: Fremont, Washington

  14. Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes

    Ok I’m just going to come out & say it. Why do we take pictures of fireworks? I’m guilty of it I admit. But last year after I took a few I stopped because I realized I have never once asked to see a photo from fireworks like “Oh hey guys let’s look at fireworks for 2007” 🙂

    • Jamie

      LOL, you’ve definitely made a point. For me, it’s because I’m looking for that perfect shot that one day I’ll be able to frame 😉

  15. Carolyn Hughes

    Have never attempted to take photos of fireworks but these tips are very handy to have for the next time I’m at a display! Thanks Jamie!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..A soft place to fall.

  16. Anita

    Its Canada Day weekend coming up…I will have to try this 🙂
    Anita recently posted..The Bad News about Affirmations

  17. Martha Giffen

    Fantastic list! I’ve never shot fireworks but just might give it a try!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..How To Be A Relationship Marketer

  18. Sherry Nouraini

    Great, just in time for 4th of July!
    Sherry Nouraini recently posted..Open social media workshop: What does it take to create a content strategy

  19. Karla Campos

    Great tips, I still don’t know what ISO does so will be looking it up. Thank you for all the tips, hope my photography skills get better following all of your advice : )
    Karla Campos recently posted..Will You Stand Up For Freedom This Fourth Of July? Freedom Walk 2012

  20. Sally K Witt

    I am such a baby when it comes to photography, I don’t even understand most of your suggestions! LOL I am lucky if I can zoom once in a while. Great post.
    Sally K Witt recently posted..Getting to know people and making friends online with Social Media

  21. Lisa Birnesser

    I just love your tips, Jamie. I had no idea there was such a thing as fireworks mode! Looking forward to your pics next week.
    Lisa Birnesser recently posted..Tips for a Stress-Less Summer Vacation

  22. Helena Ritchie

    Great tips! I gave up trying to take night photos of anything until I can get a tripod.
    Helena Ritchie recently posted..Secrets of Self-Discipline: Five Ways to Improve Self-Discipline and Achieve Your Goals

  23. Gretchen Pritts

    Oh this is great! I really needed help with my fireworks photos and am anxious to try out your pointers. Thanks for sharing.
    Gretchen Pritts recently posted..Doing Different Types of Social Media Wrong

  24. Susan Critelli

    WOW! These are great tips. But what do you do when you are taking photos with a cell phone? I haven’t bothered with a “real” camera in a long time.
    Susan Critelli recently posted..Better Than Seven Daughters

    • Jamie

      Well, the truth be told, cell phones would be really hard with capturing fireworks… actually any cell phone photography at night is pretty hard just because of lighting purposes.

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