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Capturing FIREWORKS with your Camera!

Can you believe it’s going to be the 4th of July next week already?? And with that, the first thought that comes to my mind are fireworks! How many of you have already begun hearing them go off around your neighborhoods? Well, how many of you have tried capturing fireworks with your camera, but the … Continue reading »

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Figuring Out Shutter Speed!

Shutter Speed is in reference to how fast the shutter is going on a camera. The higher the shutter speed (1/1000) means the faster the shutter is going.  The smaller the shutter speed means the slower the shutter speed is going (1/30) It is measured in seconds. A good rule of thumb unless you have … Continue reading »

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What is White Balance?

White Balance in Photography: Is a way to measure the temperature of “light.”  It is utilized to balance out the colors to get a photo that closely matches what your eye can see at hand.   In other words, have you ever taken a photograph, and sometimes it comes back really yellow, or even super … Continue reading »

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