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Making the MOST of your VACATION photos!

Posted by on July 16, 2012

We love to travel.  We love to visit new places, and we love bringing our cameras to these new places.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about vacations, and  how to make the most of your photos when you’re out in and about.  I was just on vacation not too long ago, and came home with a ton of pictures.  Some I was very proud of, some others I could have done without.  So what can we do to MAKE the most of our VACATION photos?

1) Posing

Wherever we travel to, there is most likely a very iconic place we visit.  Whether, for me, it being the Golden Gate Bridge, or say it’s Las Vegas and we’re walking along the famous Strip, there is something iconic, and meaningful in that place we’ve gone to visit.  Usually we like to pose in front of such an iconic place.

This is where the fun can start.  Start thinking creatively.  Instead of just standing arm to arm, think of another way to display the place (jumping shots, pretending to lift the iconic image up, etc.)

2) Use of foreground and background!

I am a huge fan of foreground and background when taking a picture.  It can really add a lot to an image.

3) Candid Shots. (action shots)

Sometimes when you’re on vacation you may have someone with you.  Stop a minute and just observe the person and how they’re taking in the place you’re visiting.  A great shot will come out of that.  Whether it is them dancing in front of a place, them trying out oysters for the first time, or perhaps walking along railroad tracks, a picture can come out of it.

4) Composition

As of lately I recognize when you visit a famous, iconic location, there’s a plethora of shots of this same iconic image.  So I start to think, “what is a picture I can take” that perhaps no one else has.  Like the image above, adding the simpliest of details can help to make your picture stand out.

So start thinking of composition, and what you can add to your photo to make it different from the typical, “picture.”

Inside Fort Point

5) Label Your Photos!

At the end of each travel day, write down a list of the places you’ve visited, and what you took pictures of.  That way, when you look back at your pictures you can describe the pictures perfectly, and remember where you went, even years from now with the correct labeling.

and really, it comes down to having fun, and enjoying the surroundings around you.  For me, when I go on vacation I don’t leave home without my camera so I’m capturing every moment as I experience it so when I come home I can share with others and make them feel as if they’ve just been on vacation with me.

Or, to come back and I am able to tell a story through my pictures.  Work on doing a photo essay where your pictures tell the story, as opposed to your words telling the story, etc.

Bon Voyage!




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