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The town I live in: San Pedro

Posted by on July 16, 2012

When people ask me where I live I tell them: San Pedro.  Sometimes I observe the looks, sometimes I’m asked further questions, and sometimes the conversation ends there.

When I think about the town I reside in, I think back that this small little California town does have a lot to offer, and I am fortunate for what is brought to this area.  I now what to share some of my favorites with you: These are places I’d recommend visiting during the day or for a visit to San Pedro just for the day.

1) Ports of Call Village

The Ports of Call Village is located right off the Port of Los Angeles.  A place that has a lot of family owned seafood restaurants where you can pick out the catch of the day, and eat in a family style dining area while you watch the boats float on by.  You can go out on a boat cruise, or just watch the fisherman at work.

They also have ice cream shops, and cute little shops throughout the little area.  I have been known to buy a few of my cute dresses here from time to time.

2) San Pedro Fountain Show

Every night from the hours of 8pm to 9pm, there is a lighted fountain show that goes off with music.  It is pretty fun to see.  This fountain show also goes off every half hour on the hour throughout the day with another full hour show between the hours of Noon to 1pm.  During the summer, the kids like to fun in between the fountains to play amongst the water.  For a photographer, it’s pretty fun to capture especially at night.

3) CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

An old warehouse building that was redesigned to be taken over by Los Angeles local artistans.  From CakeBar LA to The Donut Snob to scrap booking supplies to smelly lotions to succelent plants to pretty jewelry.  CRAFTED, which opened up at the end of June has something for everyone.  It is only in phase one right now which includes about 100 different craft vendors.  Phase 2 will bring in another 100 different craft vendors, and every 3 months it will continue to expand.

4) Pacific Trolley Car

Every weekend you have the opportunity to ride the old trolley car along the Harbor Boulevard of San Pedro.  Hop on the trolley from the Ports of Call Villages and head down to the fountain to catch the water show.  Or ride it all the way down to 22nd Street where you can cross the street and check out CRAFTED, for only 1 dollar enjoy a bit of the past.

5) Korean Friendship Bell

Drive along Gaffey Street to the end and you will run across the Korean Friendship Bell which sits atop a hill that overlooks the beautiful ocean below.  As you capture the amazement of this wonderful gift from our friendship city, stay awhile to capture one of the beautiful ocean sunsets.

6) First Thursdays

The first Thursday of the month, Downtown San Pedro comes alive as their artwalk comes into play.  All the galleries along 6th and 7th streets in Downtown San Pedro open their doors to the crowds as we take in the beautiful artwork from the surrounding artists.  The galleries have only grown within the past year.  It is our evening of art and the food trucks come align the adorning streets.

7) Battleship Iowa

This battleship which resided in San Francisco has finally arrived in San Pedro.  Opening weekend was on Saturday, July 7th.  For 18 dollars, you can hop aboard the Battleship and see for yourself what it’s all about.  It will be open for a limited time before they close it down to do further work on what it will become ;0

8) Farmer’s Market

Every Friday morning from 9am to 2pm, 6th Street in Downtown San Pedro is closed off for their Farmer’s Market.  They have great vendors that come out and adorn the streets.  It is worth the trip to check out on a Friday morning.

Along with the activities above there are a few annual festivities the community of San Pedro does:

*Fort MacArthur Days*  Which happens the first weekend in July

*Shakespeare in the Park* Which happens every night Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Point Fermin park.

*Taste of San Pedro* An annual event that occurs in August.

*Lobster Festival*  Yes, San Pedro does their very own Lobster Festival

*Cars and Stripes* The last weekend in June which brings in old fashion cars with the night ending in fireworks

And some other community events that happen throughout the year.

San Pedro is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Long Beach which also offers a plethora of activities throughout the year, and right around the corner from Palos Verdes with some pretty amazing hiking spots, and great views for those beautiful sunsets.  It really is a great place to reside.





44 Responses to The town I live in: San Pedro

  1. Beverly Diehl

    I had no clue there were so many wondrous things to do in San Pedro. Guess where I’ll be heading soon?
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..Popping My Cherry at ToastWriters

    • Jamie

      Afterwards I forgot to include Cabrillo Beach, and the Marine Center that rehabilitates animals. (which I still need to visit)

  2. Alexandra McAllister

    WOW! Wonderful pics and info on San Pedro! I’d love to visit all, especially the Farmer’s Market! Thanks for sharing!
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Sharing Simple, Healthy And Delicious Recipes That Are Easy To Make

  3. Karen Presecan

    Wow, gorgeous pics! I love learning about different towns and cities in the US and abroad! We will be heading to San Diego for the first time in August…can’t wait!

  4. Olga Hermans

    Wow, you showed us what San Pedro is all about. My daughter is coming to LA; I told her that you could give her a few tips! 🙂 Thanks Jamie
    Olga Hermans recently posted..When Life Throws You A Curveball

    • Jamie

      Olga, have your daughter email me =) I can give her some pointers about LA =) It is a ton of fun.

  5. Judy Ebert

    Jamie, Interesting tales you tell.I enjjoy them allbut, will you please tell me just were San Pedro is ?Nana had a Sister-in-law that had lived there and I cannot find it on the atlas that I have.I’m just curious as how to locate it. Thank you, Aunt Judy

    • Jamie

      Judy, San Pedro is the very southern point of Los Angeles. It’s right next door to Long Beach =)

  6. Sherie

    What a beautiful place to live! I have an uncle who lives in Los Angeles and the next time I visit, I am heading down your way!
    Sherie recently posted..Are You Living in Fear of Being Ordinary?

  7. Rebecca Rider

    San Pedro is the best!!! 🙂
    Rebecca Rider recently posted..Interview with "No Regrets Parenting" Author Dr. Harley Rotbart – Part 1!!

    • Jamie

      I’m glad to hear you’re a fan! Since we’re so close to each other we should definitely get together sometime!

  8. Barbara Peters

    what beautiful pictures. I would love to see these places. Thank you for sharing all of these interesting thinks about San Pedro.
    Barbara Peters recently posted..Three Secrets For a Loving Relationship to Last a Lifetime

  9. Laurie

    I have only been to LA once, and I did not see anything anywhere near as interesting as the sights you are sharing. Now I have a good reason to go back!

    • Jamie

      LA is pretty, pretty big so I kind of enjoy my small little town in the very south corner of LA. =)

  10. Martha Giffen

    What a cool place! I’ve never traveled there but you are making me want to put it on my list! Thanks for all the info and the pictures are fabulous!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Proven Ways To Increase Your Online Visibility

  11. Gianna

    It sounds amazingly wonderful. Think of all the history! And all the iconic sites!
    Gianna recently posted..Grand Ole Creamery

  12. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    What a wonderful place to live in, Jamie! I never been in San Pedro, but I hope to visit next time we are in South California:)
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Strawberry Shortcake In A Jar

  13. Anita

    Love your photos..I just realized I need to go to the beach soon 🙂
    Anita recently posted..Overcoming Obstacles

  14. Carolyn Hughes

    It looks beautiful and the way you describe it is lovely. Only wish I could enthuse the same way about the little village I live in!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..The Uniqueness of You.

  15. Alexis Grace

    Another missed SoCal opportunity—- I never made it to San Pedro during my tenure there! Maybe during a future visit!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Style lessons From Gwen Stefani of No Doubt

  16. Marie Leslie

    I love it when people find the great things about where they live instead of always wishing to live somewhere else. Though I’ve traveled extensively through Southern California I’ve never really looked at San Pedro. I just might have to check it out now.
    Marie Leslie recently posted..Five great reasons to use Google Voice

    • Jamie

      San Pedro gets a bad rap a lot of the time. I’ve talked to others and they don’t realize how much happens in this small little Port Town. It is very much a working class town, and I appreciate it even more because of it, but the people really do take pride in the town and I just wanted to share it with everyone =)

  17. Lisa Frederiksen -

    Sounds like a lovely place to live. Thanks for the virtual tour!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..The Dance of the Family Disease of Addiction

  18. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Great information – I never knew there were so many and so interesting things! I especially like the Friendship Bell!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Getting off the Coke

  19. Susan Myers

    Sounds like a lovely place to live. So happy that a Minnesota girl found an awesome place to love in San Pedro.
    Susan Myers recently posted..SusanMyersBiz’s Top 5 Marketing Tips To Use In Your Business

  20. Irish

    Gorgeous pix of San Pedro. = )

  21. Lisa Birnesser

    Wow, what a fun place to live, Jamie! I had no idea there was so much to do in San Pedro. I love Cali! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa Birnesser recently posted..Live in the Moment: Why Worrying Doesn’t Work

  22. Solvita

    San Pedro sounds a lovely place to live. Thank you for sharing Jamie … nice pictures too. 🙂
    Solvita recently posted..Learn The Art of Receiving and Positive Inner Calm – 3 Simple TIPS

  23. Sally K Witt

    You live in a great area. I love when you show us things that are going on there! When we lived in Irvine, the Ports of Call was a fun day trip. I was there for a convention about 10 or 12 years ago, and had a great time as well.

  24. Romee

    Hi, I found your blog through google alerts. Thanks so much for sharing San Pedro with your readers. Our town really is a great place and it’s always nice to hear people saying well deserved things. I’m a local historian and I’ve made it my mission to educate people about the history as well as the wonderful things to see and do in town.

    • Jamie

      Romee, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. It is a great community and a lot of people really aren’t aware of what it has to offer =) Do you do any history tours around town? =)

  25. Susan Preston

    Thanks, Jamie for a great post! I love the photos. I will definitely be sharing this on my social networks!
    Susan Preston recently posted..Got Negative People In Your Life?

  26. Sharon O'Day

    Jamie, I can’t believe how San Pedro has changed! Many moons ago, I went to USC and had reason to go down to the port area every so often. It was nothing like what you’re sharing with us today. Fabulous!
    Sharon O’Day recently posted..Financial Change: The Rider and the Elephant

    • Jamie

      A major redevelopment project has been started, and it’s pretty great to see all this work go into it… because it is a beautiful area, and I can’t wait to see future improvements. =)

  27. Mary Pougnet

    Great post Jamie, thank you! I’ve not been to San Pedro, you’ve made it come alive for me with your words and pictures. Well done Jamie! Way to go girl! 🙂
    Mary Pougnet recently posted..Long Term Effects of Chronic Inflamation

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much Mary!! =) And that’s what I truly hope to do with any place I have visited and gotten to know.. bring out the essence of the town… =)

  28. Gretchen Pritts

    Great post. Your pictures are wonderful. I think I may need to come for a visit to San Pedro.
    Gretchen Pritts recently posted..Grow A Business Through Good Times and Bad

  29. erik

    I grew up in San Pedro and have deep ties to it and the immediate surrounding areas. After recently talking with a buddy of mine about some old classmates, it made me curious to research what people have to say about San Pedro. While I appreciate that the writer of this post had a good experience, I can’t help but feel obligated to provide further details. 7 of the 8 items listed are in one of the poorest, most run-down areas of San Pedro. The town is getting worse every year, and a lot of lowlifes live there. Although advertised as being in the port and part of the beach cities, it is not some nice little port town you come and visit. If you come to Ports’O’Call on a Saturday during the summer, you will see what I mean. Believe me, I worked there for three years for a small harbor cruise company and the clientele we got were mostly of the not so upper classes. As the economy has gotten worse over the last several years, crime in San Pedro has also been on the rise, with many areas that used to be nice affected. I personally know several people who have been robbed in what would be perceived as an upper middle class area. The first tell tale sign should be when you get off the freeway, a freeway that begins/ends in San Pedro depending on how you look at it, most of the signs and advertisements are in Spanish. You can, however, find yourself in one of the riches counties of the United States within about 5 minutes of driving, which makes Pedro somewhat of an anomaly. If you come to LA, I would advise that you not stay in San Pedro because there are hardly any hotels in the decent areas. If your only perception of San Pedro is from this article I guarantee you that you will be disappointed when you get here. I plan to be long gone from here hopefully in the not so distant future. I apologize to the original poster, but I couldn’t read some of these responses and not shed more light. I am glad you had a great experience, but this is simply not the reality of San Pedro. Harbor City, Wilmington, Carson, and Lomita are neighboring “port” cities but are in fact much worse than San Pedro.

    • Jamie

      Hi Eric,

      I do appreciate your comment, but this was to portray San Pedro in a positive way. It gets a bad rap a lot. I do reside in the town, not necessarily in the best parts of the town, but I still find the positives out of this city. Coming from a place such as MN this is what life is about. Finding the beauty in life.

      Yes, there are some shady parts of Pedro, for sure, but what’s great about Pedro is the character that resides in this town.

  30. Cassie

    I didn’t know you used to live in San Pedro! I lived there for several years when I first moved to California back in 2001–I lived and worked at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel in Angels Gate park behind the Korean Bell. I consider the area my California home. I was just back there this weekend and found this post when looking for information on the Fountain show. It’s such a great community and I was excited to see how it has changed! So much new development happening along the waterfront and downtown. And all the new art galleries down on 6th + 7th. Glad to see you giving Pedro some love!

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