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Things I learned from my CATS!

Posted by on August 6, 2012

I’m a cat person.  Have no fear, I won’t turn into one of those crazy cat ladies.  I’ve got my hands full with two.  But I love them dearly, and I thought today would be a time for some fun…

So….  Things I learned from my CATS:

1) Persistence

Meet Minnow.  This cat is very persistent.  He is also very vocal in letting us know what he wants.  When he is told no, he does not take it for an answer, and will continue to come back until he gets what he wants.  He is persistent.  Through him, I have noticed how persistence gets you want you want 😉

2) Just let it roll off your shoulders

Meet Pimmy.  He is the kind of cat that allows you to pretty much do anything to him.  Lift him upside down, bend him back and forth.  He trusts.  He is loyal, and he knows you won’t hurt him, so he lets you do whatever.  Through him I have learned how to go with the punches, and to just let the stuff roll off your shoulders even when you’re asked to take a picture with a hat you hate on 😉

3) Don’t TAKE no for an answer

Keep meowing until you get what you want.  It usually works unless you get a pillow thrown at you 😉

4) Enjoy your position until someone takes it out from under you.

In life, we all get to a point where life is good, but at any given point someone could come from under you and take the life right from you, or even your position (if work related.)  So, just be sure to enjoy it while you can.  In our household, it is Pimmy who always finds the prime spots to lay down, and Minnow eventually finds him and takes the spot away from him.

5) Know what fights are worth fighting

Pimmy, for the most part, just lets Minnow have the spot from him.  He gets up without a fight, but sometimes, he is stubborn, and will put a fight.  He truly knows what fights are worth fighting for.  Right now, the prime spot is out on the patio during the night because the weather is much cooler out there at night.  Pimmy has guarded his spot so far, and when Minnow did try to take it over, Pimmy won out.

6) If YOU are hungry, let it be known.

This means if you’re hungry you have to get up and make it yourself, or go to the store, or get it out of the fridge.  This is true.  Your body talks to you, listen to it, and eat when the time comes.  For a cat, this is hard because their food source is dependent upon the humans around them.  So, even if it happens to be 6 in the morning, and the food dish is empty, shout it out.   😉

7) When Boredom Strikes, Get up and Do something

My cats are pros at this.  If their bored, they get up, stake out the room, grab some food, walk out on the patio, then come back inside.  Repeat.

8) They love their Dad

Hey, what do you know, that makes 3 of us 😉

9) Nothing’s better than some Loving.

They both love to be petted.  Minnow yells at me in the morning right before I leave for work to sit down with him and pet his belly for a few.  And then Pimmy comes and ATTACKS me at night as he lays by my side.  But what can I say, they’re darn cute, so I have a hard time saying no.

some pretty important lessons, don’t you think? 😉

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