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Photographing Cats!

Posted by on October 8, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!  I thought I’d take today to talk about Photographing Cats.

Cats are a pretty popular topic on the internet, and people are often looking for funny things cats do, and we just have to capture those moments as they happen.

Really, it’s about capturing them in action, during those funny moments.

Always be aware of your lighting, your white balance, your ISO, and you may have to play around with your shutter speed since animals are always on the move.

But enjoy these fun pictures below:

This is Minnow.  He loves to pay on the floor with his back like this.  At least we know he’s very comfortable in his surroundings.

Caught them in the moment of them bathing each other. A rare moment to capture.  This was also when they were staking it out in the bathtub, another rare moment.  This became their spot for a few short weeks during the summer when it was insanely out.

Sometimes, as humans, we like to torture our cats.  Think putting outfits on them, dressing them up for the holidays, and during those moments, we just have to capture it in action.

In the end, we just love our cats, and want to capture those adorable, funny moments, and then of course, share it with the world.


5 Responses to Photographing Cats!

  1. Ashley

    You can never go wrong when it comes to cat pics, so cute!
    Ashley recently posted..Share the Love Blog Hop #1

  2. Modern Gypsy

    I love my little fur baby and never tire of photographing her! Her leaps and jumped, though, are hard to capture. Funny sleeping poses – I got tons of those! 😉
    Modern Gypsy recently posted..My top three travel memories

    • Jamie

      Yea, anything with movement is hard to capture… but you just have to keep upping your shutter speed, with that, it will freeze the movement so it becomes a capture =)

  3. Dacy

    I LOVE CATS! The last cat I had was SO photogenic, she looked so amazing in every picture I took! Sadly, she’s gone now but she lived a good long life. ♥ I took a photography class & cats and nature are really the only things I take pictures of now.
    Dacy recently posted..My Favorite Beauty Products! ♥

    • Jamie

      As a photographer it’s great when we can find our passions in what we enjoy taking in photos… I’m a huge cat fan, love seeing their different personalities!

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