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Saying Good Bye to 2012 Part 2

Posted by on December 30, 2012

If you missed my first part of “Saying Good Bye to 2012” make sure to check it out.  It’s where I explored my journey from January to June.

Now, lets continue this journey.

July 2012:  This was my favorite month of the entire year, and for one reason.  The beginning of the month we went to Sonoma, CA to visit David’s family.

I also had a day of touring the wineries up there, and let me tell you, I was in heaven.

gloriaferrerAnd then of course our venture out to San Francisco:

sanfranciscoHowever, when we got back home, it was a pretty busy month too with a trip to the Dodgers Baseball stadium:

catcherintheryeIt was a memorable experience as we were let onto the field behind home plate, and given the full VIP experience.  Read more about it here.

And the end of the month I finally went to the OC fair for my very first time:

OC Fair 076

August 2012:

August was another fun month of hitting some festivals: Think BBQ Bonanza, Crawfish Festival, and an amazing food preview of the LA County Fair.  Along with a trip to Angels Stadium to see my boy, Torii Hunter, play some baseball on behalf of the Smile Generation.  Another fun month.

OC BBQ Bonanza 017

ReallyGoodBreadCrawfishFestival 039

It was my first time having Crawfish and I loved loved loved it.  Thanks for the experience Life in LA!

Angels Game @smilegen 081There’s my boy.  Just so you know, Torii was a Minnesota Twins player for years and I developed a mad crush on him and was so heartbroken when he moved out to the Angels, so this was my first time being reunited with him 😉 LOL.  If he only knew!

Naked PineappleAnd wow oh wow, the LA County Food Preview was so much fun.  All that food, and not feeling guilty about any of it.  😉

September 2012: The months just keep getting busier.  This month included my first trip to the LA County Fair.  A day at the LA Zoo, and another costume review.

LA Zoo and LA County Fair 443Are you really surprised that my favorite portion of the LA County fair was their wine marketplace?  yea, I didn’t think so 😉

davidDavid attended his first blogging event with me.  We just happened to be visiting with Tillamook Cheese at the LA Zoo.

carouselThis is my favorite picture of all of 2012 of myself.  Just shows the fun and my inner child personality here.  Also at the LA Zoo.

Halloween Costume 036And gearing up for Halloween with my costume review of this 80’s Roller Girl outfit.  😉

October 2012: This was a wonderful month with a visit to Las Vegas for Bloggy Boot Camp, The SoCal Social, and Fresh Summit all happening.  It was a BUSY month, but one I enjoyed thoroughly.

Bloggy Boot Camp 030One of my most memorable blogging experiences was meeting with David Mirassou from Mirassou wines for an intimate wine dinner with some other fantastic bloggers in Vegas.


SoCal Social! 172The fun of the SoCal Social.  One, you just never know who you’ll fun into, but exploring through all of Old Town Orange.  A favorite one stop destination of mine.  Antiques, dinner, and friends.  Old and New.

Fresh Summit 102 Fresh Summit 119The fun of Fresh Summit.  The largest Produce Industry expo out there.  I tried DragonFruit and Lychees for my first time, and admire the amazing display of Melissa’s Produce.   A fun day!

November 2012: This was a more low key month which after September and October I was ready for a more low key month.  I focused on baking, and also cooking my first turkey with my lovely SO.

Chocolate MarshChocolate Dipped Candy Canes2And our first turkey:

Thanksgiving Dinner 091

December 2012:

I ended the year with a full month of activities.  Every year since moving out to LA I’ve made sure to do different things around the holidays to truly experience all that city  has to offer.  From seeing “A Christmas Carol” to Tree Lightings to Holiday Walks to even a day at Knott’s Merry Farm.  It was the season to be festive and I definitely made the most of it.

Shopping Cart Tree

The shopping cart tree along Main Street in Santa Monica.


The Culver City Christmas Tree Lighting was a very festive night with the appearance of Santa Claus being escorted by police cars at the end.  Read the article on

San Pedro ParadeThe Festive Holiday Parade in the town I live in.

happyholidaysCarolers at Knott’s Merry Farm.  They really go all out during the holidays.  Love shopping through all the Christmas stuff at Merry  Farm.

Group Shot

Experiencing Circus Vargas!!! What a fun night =)

As you can see, exploration and experiencing life is truly how I go about living my life.  It is those experiences that truly enhance and help you create memories.

As I wrote this the past few days I realized how much happened in 2012 and it was fun reliving those moments all over again.  2012 was a great year, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will be like.

Happy end of the year 2012, and wishing all of you a Happy New Year =)






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