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Lendperk: When Dressing For Events is so much Easier!

Posted by on February 28, 2013

Have you ever been invited to a few events in your life, and faced with the question of, “what do I wear?”

Being on a budget, I often can’t go out and buy a new outfit every time a new event comes my way, however Lendperk just may be my answer from now on.

What is Lendperk?  A Dress Borrowing service! For 20 dollars a month you can borrow 1 dress a month.  For 34 dollars, two dresses, and for just 49 dollars a month, there’s no limit.  Borrow as many dresses as you like.

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So I tried out the service this past week.  I ordered my dress on a Saturday, and had it by Tuesday (most likely would have been Monday but it was President’s Day!)  It had arrived just in time for me to wear for the events I had planned for that Wednesday evening.

So, here I am, with the dress I picked out.  What’s nice is that you can try out dresses you normally wouldn’t pick out at the store, and give it a try.

This dress was fun for a one night outing, but I easily found what I didn’t like about the dress at the same time.  The dresses are steamed clean before being sent out.  You don’t have to clean them before sending them back.

And you are given a bag which paid postage for your return after you’re done with the dress.

Right now, Lendperk has a free 9 day trial for you to try out the service.  I had a blast with it, and am a fan  Will you be trying out Lendperk?

Disclosure: I tried out the 9 day free trial, and will be continuing the service.

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