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Review: Divorce Party the Musical!

Posted by on March 16, 2013

Disclosure: I was provided tickets to attend the showing of Divorce Party the Musical.  All opinions are my own.

Divorce Party

Being a divorce woman when I saw this play was coming to town I was really excited about seeing it.  I thought it’d be funny, I thought it’d bring out the issues that happen when a divorce comes along, and I thought, “it’s going to be an enjoyable evening.”

So when I received the invite to attend I couldn’t wait.  That night came last Wednesday for me, and my love and I headed out to El Portal  Theatre in North Hollywood for an evening out.

Upon greeting, we were greeted by a table of products, and a backdrop where we could decorate in boas.  Of course, we had to:


The play, very much geared towards adult women, and more so than ever, women that have divorced, is the perfect girls night out.  Just be warned that the play does talk sex, pubic hair, vibrators, and more.  But all meant in a funny way.

There is also a strobe light scene during the play to be aware of.  The scene lasts for about a minute.

But, with my perspective, the play, honestly touched on a lot of issues I was feeling when I was going through my divorce from feeling extremely emotional to feeling empowered, to asking the questions of why it didn’t work out, to what the heck was I going to do now.  The emotion of packing up your belongings and saying good bye to the house you purchased together to, in the end, just moving on.  And of course, the part, when we just let ourselves go because we’re in such an emotional state during that time of our lives.


But one thing this play did well was bringing the supportive friends into the play.  The friends that show up on your doorstep, even with their own issues, to help you with yours.  The friends that are there with you to help pick up the pieces, and the ones that make you laugh during the entire process.


This was one played I really enjoyed, and really captured the essence of what it’s like as a woman going through a divorce… except to an extreme 😉 So be ready to laugh, and have a fun night out with friends.

But, if you’re married, the play is still very enjoyable.

Divorce Party the Musical plays at El Portal Theatre through April 14th:

You can purchase tickets here.






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