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The Struggle to Talk About Myself.

Posted by on April 2, 2013

When I first started this blog it was so easy to talk about my adventures and outings and share what was happening with me.

beautiful house

But last night and today  I sit here staring at a blank screen.  I have been wondering lately, “what should I share, what should I write about.”

There are plenty of ideas in my head.  I want to begin sharing more photography tips, more food reviews are up ahead, and of course adventures around LA.

But why is it so hard to just stop and just talk about myself for a bit?

The truth?  I don’t want to come off as boring.  Or have this brilliant idea in my head then when it gets down to writing to find “it’s really not all that brilliant” to begin with.

Do you ever find the more you write your blog out, the more you realize how much more you push yourself to write GREAT content.  You want to be that writer that has an instant hit.  That writer that other bloggers look up to and say, “wow, that person can really write,” or “she just said what I’ve been thinking all along.”

Well.  I’ll tell you this, and then of course, I’ll tell myself this: “Stop it.  It is your blog, it is your space.  If you want to write about paint drying on the walls, so be it, and do it.  If you want to write about the beautiful spring blossoms (I am needing a major visit to a spring GARDEN, btw then do it!)  Or if you want to write about how much you’re struggling with writing lately then do it.

I think my love of exploring around LA has been lost a bit, and I need some inspiration to get it going again.  Tell me, what are some of your favorite places to visit in LA or the OC?  I need to start building a list of places to explore again.

Next week I’m sharing with you my favorite Coffee Shop in this big city, and why I like it so much.

20 Responses to The Struggle to Talk About Myself.

  1. Maribel Reyes

    You know, I honestly never get bored of reading what you write. I love reading about your adventures in LA and loved the posts where you were taking photography tours. Those are my favorites, I also love when you talk about wineries. Because of you I have a new love: Mirassou Moscato wine! because of you I am trying to take better pictures… So please continue sharing all this and more. I also love the festivals you visit. My favorite place in LA would be Griffith Observatory I think it is also yours though haha…

    • Jamie

      I think this is a culmination of things. I’ve noticed I haven’t been going out on little photo trips lately so I’m lacking inspiration. As I drive around during the day I’m trying to keep my eyes peeled on interesting places and trying to take different routes to change it up. It’ll come to me again.. appreciate your comment!

  2. Kim

    Oh I can so relate. I sometimes sit there working on the most mundane of posts and ask myself why the hell I am doing it. Subconsciously I think I am trying to impress someone, anyone, and failing miserably.

    Ever since I began the new blog I’ve had this voice in my head nagging at me to be more serious. “Write about real topics, Kim. Don’t write some silly crap about your inability to read more books. Stick to things people want to read.” It’s a vicious cycle.

    I’m trying to discipline myself to write anything and let the words flow. If it sucks, it sucks. If people can relate, awesome. I’m struggling (naturally) but I think I’m getting better.

    Now, for some places to go in and around LA: Check out the DKRM Gallery for photography. It’s a neat little place that features different photographers on fairly regular basis. Also, look up Irv’s Burgers in Santa Monica for a foodie adventure. Another idea would be to explore historic areas of Route 66 in LA. Okay, so as a Route 66 loving weirdo I’m a bit biased on that one. Haha.

    Um, anywho. Yea. Now I’m rambling. I’m sure you’ll get out there and find some great adventures. You always do. =)

    • Jamie

      In the beginning i use to just write and not think so much. Lately I’m doing too much thinking and I think that’s a huge part of the issue…

      lol… just have to start writing again without care.

  3. Mary

    I actually have found myself shying away from blogs that when I 1st discovered them, seem to write more about their lives & adventures but have become a bit more focused on products/reviews of things; it feels too much like an info-mercial to me. I try very hard to keep a balance of both my personal posts mixed in with the ‘Disclosure’ posts, as I call them 😉 & I suppose I am lucky, as I never quite feel like I need to be a great writer, per se. Of course I want to grow & be better at how I express myself, but I truly just write to get out there…if all this makes sense 😉

    • Jamie

      It happens. There are a ton of blogs I follow, but only click on the posts that appear interesting. There’s only so much time in the day *sigh*

  4. Raquel @ Organized Island

    Oh I know what you mean Jamie! My personal life has been so busy that I have not been able to do as much blog hopping & socal stuff as I would like. Plus my day job has been busy that I run out of energy some evenings. I always love reading your posts and you could never be boring to me. There are so many places I would like to see and just wish I had more time. I am getting you a list together for Laguna by the way!
    Raquel @ Organized Island recently posted..Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

    • Jamie

      I’m just transitioning… I think something dawned in me the other day that I need to be out “living” life again 😉 so kind of been in this funk but working through it.. but yes, having the full time job, and the other writing job with Life in LA, it gets to be a lot 😉 lol

  5. Jana

    everyone has times in their lives when they’re in a funk… even when you’re writing about your life. It happens, we get busy, distracted and just blah.

    The question I always ask myself is “Who am I writing for?” Of course, I love an audience – why bother otherwise? – but I really write for myself. It’s my coping mechanism for the banality of life. Otherwise it becomes a never ending battle with the laundry pile and grading.
    Jana recently posted..Ultimate Blog Party 2013

    • Jamie

      Thanks for the comment Jana. I definitely do write for myself, but also for my audience… I have to put some thought into that.

      But my love of writing is truly why I began this blog, definitely. I appreciate your very thoughtful comment and for you taking the time to stop by =)

  6. Choleesa

    I LOVE the Getty. Its got the beautiful gardens, the wonderful art, the architecture, just the over all FEEL of the place.
    Choleesa recently posted..lack luster and shine

    • Jamie

      So you must be an LA local, eh? Yay, glad to connect with you then and absolutely agree. The Getty is a very fun place, and the gardens. =)

  7. Gaelen

    Hey Jaime..

    You are write you have to just write and not care about it. Thats what I do on my blog… if people laugh at my antics and rants then good I made someone laugh. As an author I have to be very professional in writing in my novels so I use the outlet of the blog to just let go and not worry about it.

    • Jamie

      Thanks Gaelen! I’m so glad you have a place of your own to just have fun when it comes to writing. What kind of books do you write?

      • Gaelen

        My debut novel Running Against Traffic just came out. Its a contemporary fiction. Could also fall into women’s lit as well but its more than just her in my opinion, a lot of other supporting characters. I enjoy writing about life and different issues they have to deal with, its more realistic that way and I feel more readers can relate to it. You can email me at and I can send you the link. This is your site and about you not for me to promote but about people making a connection with you.
        Gaelen recently posted..It Could Always be Worse

        • Jamie

          I will definitely be checking it out and I’ll email you over the weekend asking more. I’m interested =) and no worries, may be my site, but love the conversation!

  8. Bethany K

    Great post! I just started writing myself, and I feel like, sooner or later, thousands of people will go back and read everything. And they will think I’m just awful. “What is she thinking?” “What makes her think anyone would be interested in this mess?” I have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter! SOMEONE will relate, and if they happen to find the blog, so be it. If not, it’s a great way to just get your thoughts out of your head.

    Thanks for the insights. 🙂

    • Jamie

      That’s very true. We write, and there is someone that can truly relate to what we’re saying. The connections that are made through writing are incredible.

      And a huge reason why I enjoy blogging so much =) Thanks for your sweet comment.

  9. Melissa Reyes

    Just keep being you. That’s all. Because you are wonderful, interesting, fun, and a great writer! Just be you.
    Melissa Reyes recently posted..Flip Flop Day

    • Jamie

      <3 you lady =) and thanks for your very positive message... I'm beginning to feel better and get back into my groove again!

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