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Catalina Island Vacation Rentals: Hamilton Cove #ad

Posted by on May 21, 2013

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to check out Catalina Island Vacation Rentals.  They gave us a one night complimentary stay on behalf of this review.

Upon arrival to the island the Hamilton Cove Beach Villas were the first things we saw on the island, little did we know that we would soon be staying in those exact villas.

Hamilton Cove Properties

Have you ever taken a vacation, but wanted some extra room compared to your average hotel stay?  Or perhaps you wanted your own kitchen where you could bring groceries back to your place and do all the cooking there instead of eating out all night?

Well, Catalina Island Vacation Rentals has you covered.  They have places throughout all of Avalon including places located close to the activities happening in town, and then, if you wanted a little more intimate of a setting they have places that reside in “Hamilton Cove.”

Hamilton Cove is nestled in their own little cove along Catalina Island just a few blocks past Descanso Beach.  With each rental they even offer you your own golf cart to use throughout your vacation.  All they ask is that you fill up the golf cart prior to checking out.

Catalina Island 418

When first arriving with all of your luggage you will definitely have to take a taxi to arrive at your Hamilton Cove destination, and a taxi to bring you back the day of your departure.  Each trip costs roughly 15 dollars plus tax.

The Hamilton Cove Beach Villas also have a pool and jacuzzi, volleyball and tennis courts to utilize throughout your vacation.


Each Villa is decorated to the owners wants and needs, but it still gives a very cozy and comforting feeling.  Our home for the weekend was coined “The Beach House.”

Now lets see some pictures:


Our beach villa was  2 bedroom 2 bathroom home.  There are one bedroom options available too.  This vacation home could easily sleep 4 and one more on the couch, if needed.


This home had a beautiful full size kitchen and dining area.  There was even a grill located outdoors on the side deck.  All they ask is that you do your dishes before checking out, but it is fully equipped for all your cooking needs.


The living room area was also cozy with a full view of the ocean right in front of you as you sat on the couch.  A fireplace was also present so you could rent one of these during the off season and stay warm.


And the view.  You honestly can’t beat the beautiful ocean front view.  I want to believe that every Hamilton Cove Beach Villa has an ocean front view from one angle or the other.

The Hamilton Cove Beach Villas can be rented out for a few nights up to an entire week.  For more information about the Catalina Island Vacation Rentals please check out their website here or follow along with them on facebook or twitter.

In the future when we visit Catalina Island this is the way we’re going to go.  Having a home that feels like a home is truly a vacation to me.  The owners and Catalina Island Vacation Rentals really make it easy for you to feel relaxed and at home.

Catalina Island 358

Check in is at 3pm the day of arrival and check out is at 10am the day of departure.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary one night stay on behalf of Catalina Island Vacation Rental for this post.



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