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Are you READY for the #LACountyFair FOOOOOODDDD?

Posted by on August 29, 2013

Disclosure: I was invited out to a media food preview night to sample all the goodness shown below.

Are you ready to see WHAT to try at this year’s LA County Fair?  The fair, which opens up today, Friday, August 30th and goes through September 29th lasts for 30 days.

With live animals, entertainment, shopping, shows, and as much food as you can imagine, it’s the fair to go to every September.

So, here comes the LA County Fair food:


The fair favorite every year is seeing what Chicken Charlie’s will come up with every year.  And boy, did he go all out this year.


1) The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

For the fans of Sloppy Joes out there, when you first hear of the combination you’re like “whoa.”  When you first bite into it, you’re even more likely to say “Whoa” but I guranteed you, you’ll be back for more.

Chicken Charlie’s also developed the Krispy Kreme Hamburger!  Two Donuts, two burgers, and two slices of cheese; which I heard a lot of “loves” on.

2) Chicken Kabobs

How can you not have Chicken Kabobs coming from a name like “Chicken Charlies?”  This Kabob comes wrapped in pita bread.  Between the chicken are yummy vegetables making it a complete meal.

3) The Bacon Wrapped Pickle

Another new item this year is the Bacon Wrapped Pickle.  When you first get the item you are intrigued in how the bacon is completely wrapped up around the pickle then you bite into it and it’s a big “Whoa.”  That’s good, go have another.

4) Deep Fried Twinkie

And of course, nothing says fair food like the Deep Fried Twinkies.  Given the choice of Strawberry or Chocolate sauce, of course.

And, you just can’t go to the LA County Fair without stopping by the Tasti Chips booth.


Their newest variety this year includes the Chipotle BBQ Beef “Dirty” Chips.  Full of Cheese, Green Onions, Bleu Cheese, Tomatoes and of course, Chipotle flavored sauce all loaded over the potatoes chips.

The best part of Tasti Chips is they’re completely gluten free using the California Grown Potatoes and 100% pure allergen free peanut oil.

2013LACountyFairFoodPreview 032

It was around this time where a beverage was needed and lo and behold The Skinny Bar wasn’t too far away.  This year they were serving up their low calorie cocktails, but when I went over they were serving up their Hard Apple Ciders.  “The Sunset” and “Angry Orchard.”

I tried out the Angry Orchard, and not being much of a beer cider girl I loved it, and could see myself enjoying these throughout the fair.  Grab a stool at the bar and enjoy a drink or two at the Skinny Bar.

Angry Orchard

No fair food is complete without a corn dog.  The one item guranteed to be on a stick at the LA County Fair.

2013LACountyFairFoodPreview 004

Monster Grill has you covered with hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, curly fries, beverages and more.

And afterwards, be sure to stop by Fresh Fries for all the fry options you can’t go without:

Cheese Fries

From Cheese Fries to Chili Cheese Fries to my favorite “Marshmallow Yammies” they have a bit of everything.

If you’re craving something a little sweet you may just want to stop off at Cornucopia Cafe.  From Cinnamon Rolls to Churros to cold smoothies to frozen coffees they will keep you happy.

Cornucopia Cafe

And if you’re craving a little bit of Southern Cooking make sure to stop by Harold & Belle’s to Geaux.  You can get your fixings of catfish, crawfish, bread pudding and much more.  See?

Harold & Belle's to Geaux

Another favorite of mine at the fair is Ten Pound Buns.  The hardest part with their booth is deciding which topping to get:


Last year they came out with the Bacon and Nutella combination.  Did any of you try it?  Prior to that time I had always heard of bacon and nutella together, but never tried it until Ten Pound Buns, and I soon found the delicious goodness of bacon and nutella together.  Just in case you forgot what it looks like:


You know you want to try it, right?

But the most ingenius idea of the night came out of Texas Style BBQ with their Beef Brisket Sundae.

Beef Brisket layered over Mash Potatoes with a Cherry Tomato right on top.  This is perfect for the person that loves BBQ but hates getting their hands messy because it comes with a fork.

Beef Brisket Sundae

The best part about the Beef Brisket Sundae?  The price.  Just 7 dollars for this bowl full of yumminess.

So, tell me.  What are you trying first at this year’s LA County Fair?

LA County Fair

August 30th through September 29th


  • Season Pass $29.99
  • Weekdays
    Adults, 13+: $12
    Child, ages 6-12: $8
    Seniors 60+: $10
  • Weekends
    Adults, 13+: $19
    Child, ages 6-12: $12
    Seniors 60+: $15


  • Weekdays $12
  • Weekends $15
  • Valet/Gate 3 $30
  • Season Pass $60


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