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Celebrate #ShakeMonth at Johnny Rockets! #ad

Posted by on September 11, 2013

Disclosure: I was invited out to a media preview at the original Johnny Rockets as they unveiled their “Shake of the Month.”

Every September at the restaurant chain “Johnny Rockets” they go all out in remembering what their guests love: their shakes.  And every September they celebrate with #ShakeMonth (ShakeMonth)

What makes Johnny Rockets shakes so good?  Well, it’s the science that goes behind their ice cream.  This ice cream, not available in stores, is only available at Johnny Rockets, and they’ve perfected it just the way they wanted.


When they invited us out to Johnny Rockets last weekend they provided us with a demonstration on how they make their shakes.

Johnny Rockets also showed us how they look out for those with allergies.  They have a specific mixer designed just for any peanut butter mixtures, and those that use peanut butter also get their own designated spoons.  I thought this was really awesome for them to be cautious with the shakes they hand out.

Burger and ShakeThroughout the day the servers came around handing out burgers and shakes.  Flavors of Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, and more were handed out.  They also handed out different varieties of burgers.  (As I am writing this I am remember how awesome they tasted and started to drool a bit!)


Johnny Rockets is also known for the “Rocketeers” where the servers come out to sing and dance.  That day, they offered to teach a few of us a dance to “Johnny B Good.”  See how I’m trying to learn up above?


Left to Right: Monica from My Life is a Journey, Mr. Shake, Me, and Arie from Food Generations.

This is us with Mr. Shake showing our air guitars.  You can tell that’s an air guitar right?  It almost looks like I’m doing the “hula” dance.

But the entire reason we were there that day was to see what their latest creation was:

Candy Shake made with M&Ms

The Candy Shake made with M&M’s.  And yes, you can see the colors of the rainbow in this shake.  This shake will be available at Johnny Rockets beginning September 16th.

One last activity taking place that day was to invite children over to partake in some ketchup art.  For anyone that goes to Johnny Rockets, if you order fries, they will create a smiley face of ketchup to go with your fries for you.


I think they did pretty dang good, what about you?

#ShakeMonth is happening throughout the month of September at all Johnny Rocket locations.  Will you be stopping in?


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