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Where I am headed?

Posted by on September 26, 2013

As I sit here thinking about my future I thought it’d be a fun idea to think about where I may end up in the next year or two.  The ideas in my head right now and then look back on this a year from now and see how accurate this was, or how a new path was created.

So, where am I headed?

San Francisco

On Monday, the car will be loaded up and I will start my trek from Los Angeles to Northern California.  I have been to San Francisco before, and I have been as far north as Santa Barbara, but everything in between these two areas is completely new territory to me.  As much as I wish we could take the time on the drive, it won’t happen, but it’ll be my chance to jot down places I want to see in the future.

People have already told me I need to visit the Winchester home.  Monterey and Carmel are also on my list along with wine tasting in Paso Robles and also San Luis Obispo.  There’s just new areas of California for me to explore.

SonomaDay3 021

But the ending destination is none other than Sonoma, CA.  In the heart of wine country.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know it’s a GREAT destination for this girl to be in.  As I write this, I have excitement, but also am nervous because it is indeed my goal to find work within the wine industry.  Questions of, “am I capable?”  “Can I do this?”  Will I fit in?” come to mind.

But then I think about the all the wineries in the area, all the exploration that will be taking place and a sense of calm comes to me.  It is “where” I am suppose to be.

You remember those moments in life where your path is chosen for you?  Although my path has lead me to this exact moment there is a huge sense of faith in me knowing this is where I am suppose to be, and that things will work out the way they’re meant to.

oldpicturespc 8679

Our first month there we will be helping out at a pumpkin patch.  I’ve always loved the atmosphere at these locations especially with the smell of fall in the air.  Expect lots of pictures.

I am most excited to see how the wineries dress up around the holidays.  And how they decorate the vineyards.  I’ve heard some great stories, and now I’ll get to see this in person.  Again, expect lots of pictures.

Also, I’ll start to go on photographic journies again.  I’ve hit a lull down in Los Angeles so this is a good thing, a new passion will emerge.

SonomaDay2 263

There will be trips to San Francisco.  I’ll attend my first Giants Game in the spring, and of course, explore museums down in San Francisco, but, for the most part, I honestly believe I’ll be pretty content within the area that I reside.  I’ll explore Sonoma County from Healdsburg to Santa Rosa to Petaluma and more, and then cross over to the Napa side.

Tell me, do you have any favorite vineyards up there that I should check out?

And of course, my love of festivals will continue.  I’ll take you on those adventures right there with me.  So I hope you’ll stick around the blog and join in on exploring my new adventures with me.

I’m open to hearing some of your favorite parts of Northern California to visit.  Needless to say I’m starting to make my list of places to visit and things to do, but this is completely new territory to me so recommendations are loved.


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