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Book Review: The Others by Kristin Bryant

Posted by on November 1, 2013

Disclosure: I have received a copy of this book for review purposes.  Thank you Content Kingpin for the book and sponsoring this great contest for my readers. 

The Others

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come from another world and placed on Earth?  In this story of “The Others,” this is exactly what happens.  Meet Ryen, Claire, Mateo, and Chase, as they are put on a mission to Earth to find exactly what “The Masters” are looking for to save their planet.  Will they be able to find it in time?  Does this “thing” they’re looking for even exist?  Will they blend in with others?

Those are exactly the questions that are answered along this journey, and of course, what story would be complete without a story of love thrown in there?  Upon first plane ride, headed to Mexico with a layover in Atlanta, Ryen meets Savannah.  Soon Savannah has become apart of the mission, and in the process Ryen and Savannah fall in love.  Will there be consequences to this?

Soon, The Masters, find out what’s really been happening down on Mother Earth, and are no longer happy.  They come back to collect all of them including Savannah to bring them back to their planet, “Zhimeya,” because, in reality, they had another plan altogether: to take back Mother Earth for their own.

This book was well written, and has you rooting for characters along the way.  Disgusted by those in power, you turn to Ryen, Claire, Mateo and Chase, in hopes that they can turn it around.  And the last question to be answered: Will Savannah and Ryen make it out okay together?

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It’s a great story to follow along with, and Kristin Bryant, showcases their entire personalities throughout the book putting you right in the book with them.  A very fun read, and a book I think many would enjoy.

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