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Holiday Entertaining Tips with Mirassou Wines #ad

Posted by on December 23, 2013

Disclosure: I received a Holiday Entertaining Kit for this post on behalf of Mirassou Wines. 

When it comes to holiday entertaining, often, we’d rather pull our hair out and run the other way, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.  Here I will talk about some of my holiday entertaining tips to keep it a stress free holiday.

Holiday Entertaining Tips

1) When it comes to decorating around the home: Add in your Personality.  

This year, I added a little holiday cheer in our bedroom where we are at.  That way, on Christmas morning, we will share in our little Christmas before joining in with the rest of the family.  Notice what I utilized for my Christmas tree?  In place of a tree, I used a wine cork holder and filled it up with ornaments.  Also adding in some other wine accessories to make the space truly feel like “my” own.

Candle Holders

Wine Glass Candle Holders

So, when it comes to decorating your space, whether big or small, add in your personality.  Next year, some ideas for trees include a Wine Cork Tree (a tree made out of wine corks, thanks for an awesome friend for this idea) and also making presents out of wine corks like below:

Wine Cork Presents

Other ideas include having a theme for your tree.  Love to travel? Incorporate ornaments from all your travel spots.  Love wine?  Incorporate all wine ornaments, or love snowmen? Make it a snowmen tree.

Or when decorating your home incorporating in some of your favorite wine accessories such as wine glasses.  Create homemade, custom tablescapes, or turn your wine glasses into beautiful candle holders.  The ideas are endless around here.

2) Snacks before DINNER! 

Waiting for the big meal means our tummy’s may get a little hungry so be sure to bring out the snacks.  Some of our favorite entertaining includes bringing out the cheese, crackers and salami in our household, but it also means a time to bring out our beautiful cheese boards.  True wino and all:

Cheese Board

But, along with your favorite snacks, it’s the perfect time to start your guests out with a favorite bottle of wine.  Mirassou’s Sunset Red pairs nicely with appetizers.  A nice blend to start the holiday off right.

3) Pair the meal with a good bottle of wine. 

For me, I don’t pair a bottle of wine with every meal, but during the holidays, this is where I really like to pair wines together.  A good holiday wine, for me, is a nice Pinot Noir.  One of my favorites happens to be Mirassou’s Pinot Noir.  This wine pairs quite well with a lot of tender meats including Turkey, Ham, and even Pot Roast like shown below:

Pork Loin Roast

4) Personal Touches

Candy Centerpiece

Candy Centerpiece

One of the best holiday entertaining tips is leaving those personal touches around the home.  Guests really love to feel like they’re at home, but also appreciated so some of my favorite touches include:

Leaving hand towels and mints in the bathroom.  It is noticed.

Giving out a Going away gift (this can be simple such as a baked Gingerbread Man cookie) 

Having your guests favorite kind of drinks on hand: Wine, Beer, Soda Pop, etc. 

Or Having a Centerpiece full of candies for your guests to snack on throughout the day. 

Doing these kind of things will make your guests want to come back for more and remember the effort you put into their visit.

5) And last but not least: Indulge in those TREATS.

For me, the holidays, are about being surrounded by family and friends, but it’s also about the food.  Bring out those baked goods and share with those around you.  I mean, really? It’s just once a year, right?

Mini Cheesecakes

Wishing YOU all Happy Holidays from me and one of my favorite wines: Mirassou.  Stop by their facebook page for more Holiday Entertaining Tips to prepare you for the days ahead.

They also have SOME great recipes on their website that help you pair your favorite bottle of wine with favorite food items.



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