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Increase Your Google+ Following Mini Challenge

Posted by on January 23, 2014

This post was written on behalf of The Biannual Blogathon Bash.  This Mini Challenge is to give you advice about Google+ but also showcase how to increase your following there as well.

Last year I made Google+ a priority social media site.  I joined groups that could teach me a bit about Google+.  A huge thank you goes out to Yolanda Machado from Sassy Mama in LA for giving a lot of insight into Google+.  I then took what I learned from her group and implemented it into my Google+ strategy.  Needless to say I have learned a few things:


1) Google+ is a community.  

There are tons of people on Google+, the key is to find them.  There are a few ways of doing such a thing.

* Join Communities

There are tons of communities on Google+, a good way to start interacting and finding others within is to join communities that fit your interests.  Are you a food blogger? Join foodie communities.  Are you a photographer?  There are a ton of photographers on Google+, Are you a Crafter? You get the idea.  But you can cater your communities to your interests.

The key when you join the communities is to make sure the notifications are turned off otherwise your mailbox may get filled.  So double check this setting when you join a community.

2)  It is MEANT to be interactive

How many of you have just shared articles from your blog on Google+?  And then wondered why no one is seeing them or interacting with them?

The Key to Google+ is to not just make it about you. 

Brutal honesty here.

But it’s true.  When you go through your Google+ feed start +1 the articles and posts that you can relate to.  Anytime you give a +1 or even receive one it creates more Google+ juice, and only helps you.  AND if you find something extraordinary, share it.  But the key is to not just share it but give a little insight as to why you SHARED it.

The same goes with comments.  Start leaving comments on posts and then just watch how more comments come in after you leave one.  Again, all about that Google+ juice.

Another point is that if you do share content from another person to tag them in the headline as you share your insight.  This will show them that you did share, but you also gave proper credit.

3) Circle Shares

You may have seen these happening on your feed.  A Circle Share is often formed as top engagers on your Google+ feed.  These are the people that help you and your Google+ strategy.  And there are some people that really GET how to use this platform.  And TRUST me, they work.  Once you seem to get on the Circle Share program, your followers begin to increase centerfold.  But the key is all in the engagement.  You want people who will engage with you, but will also share the circle too.

4) Be a Content Creator

The key again is to not just share your blog posts.  You definitely do want to share them, but don’t share them every day.  The other key is to not always share your posts directly from your blog.  Have an amazing craft or recipe?  Upload the photo to Google+ then include your link.  Visualization is a huge component of Google+

And the other thing is to just have fun.  Share things that you relate to.  Did you find an awesome quote?  Share it.  Photos always do well on Google+ along with GIFS, do you know what a GIF is?  It’s a segment of photos made into a video.  If you can connect Google Awesome to your account often these are made for you if you automatically connect your smartphone photos to Google+.

And engage, ask questions, share an interesting article.  Be that Content Creator.  And even if you can’t come up with things, go through your Google+ feed and begin sharing interesting content.  All these strategies will only increase your followers and engagement on Google+.

5) Fill Out Your Profile

Another KEY Component is to fill out your Profile.  Take the time to fill out your About Me section, create a catchy headline, and create your profile picture and cover photo.  The more information you have on your profile, the more it tells others and the more apt they are to follow you.  People are looking at your profiles.

6) Keep Things Public

This really is a personal choice, but in the end, to get the most out of Google+, keeping your posts public so anyone is able to see is the way to do it.  When you Share a Post, at the end you can showcase what circles to share to, but always make sure to have “Public” as a circle.

By doing this, your posts will get more visibility, they will come up in searches, and more.  Public is the way to go.  If there’s ever a post that you want to keep a little more private you can always take the public circle out, and you’ll still be okay.  That post will still only showcase to the circles you put them in.


So… now the fun part:


For this Mini Challenge I want you to complete at least 2 of the tasks listed below:

Complete your Google+ Profile, Fill out your About Me Section. 

Go through your Feed and Comment on at least 5 Posts and see what happens

Join at least 5 Google+ Communities

Share a Quote, Photograph or Interesting Content

Share Someone Elses Blog Post Apart of the Biannual Blogathon Bash and Tag them on Google+

Go through your feed and +1 at least 5 Posts.

Then come back and let me know what two things you did and what you saw.

And just remember, this all doesn’t happen overnight.  This has to be a regular activity throughout your days.  If you can’t make it a daily task, try every few days.  The more time you spend on there the more you’ll be rewarded.



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