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The Wines of Holman Ranch

Posted by on February 9, 2014

Disclosure: I was invited out for an evening at Holman Ranch where I was given an opportunity to tour the property and also taste their wines.  All opinions are my own.  

For me the wine tasting experience is just that: an experience.  You have those that work the tasting room that have an extreme passion for wine, and during your tasting it’s an opportunity to truly learn about the wine being showcased in front of you.

In the Carmel Village within Carmel Valley there are a row of tasting rooms altogether making a day of wine tasting incredibly easy on you.  One place all close together.  One such tasting room is Holman Ranch.

 Holman Ranch Tasting Room

Once inside the tasting room you will feel right at home.  Vineyard pictures of the ranch adorn the walls with a very ranch style theme within the tasting lounge.

Tasting Room


But truly your experience doesn’t begin until you begin your wine tasting experience with one of Holman Ranch’s Estate Grown Wine flights:

From their Estate Collection:

White Wine Flight: 5 Dollars

2012 Estate Grown Pinot Gris (20 dollars a bottle)

2012 Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc (20 dollars a bottle)

2011 Estate Grown Chardonnay (22 dollars a bottle)

Mountain Flight: 7 Dollars

2012 Estate Grown Pinot Gris (20)

2011 Estate Grown Chardonnay (22)

2011 Estate Grown Heather’s Hill Pinot Noir (37)

Pinot Noir Flight: 10 Dollars

2011 Estate Grown Heather’s Hill Pinot Noir (37)

2010 Estate Grown Hunter’s Cuvee Pinot Noir (40)

2010 Estate Grown Pinot Noir (33)

Holman Ranch Tasting Room

All flights offering a little variety from the flavors of wine you truly adore.  Some favorites of mine over the weekend included the Sauvignon Blanc and also the Hunter’s Cuvee Pinot Noir which was selected as a Top Ten Best of Everything book from National Geographic.

BUT another exclusive available only to Holman Ranch wine club members is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Mixed with a little bread, this olive oil is fantastic and a favorite amongst MANY.

Holman Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil The bottle is available only to Wine Club Members for just 25 dollars. 

Now if you’re wondering how to become a Holman Ranch wine club member here’s your information:

There’s two different wine clubs to choose from:

The Estate Wine Club Membership: 2 Shipments per year (1 case total)

(6 bottles per shipment)

Membership includes:

Two week pre-release email notification of wines to be shipped, pricing and expected ship date

Complimentary tastings for you and up to three guests (maximum of four people)

Exclusive access to “Wine Club Only” and new release wines as well as our Estate Olive Oil.

Pre-release opportunity to purchase new wines before Tasting Room release

Complimentary VIP tours of the Holman Ranch Vineyard and Winery, by appointment

Two free tickets to Holman Ranch’s annual Fiesta de los Amigos

Preferred reservation status to any wine education or hospitality event

Holman Ranch wine key as a welcome gift

Option to customize each shipment to your current varietal needs or budget. 

And then The Grand Estate Club Membership:

2 shipments per year. 2 cases total

(12 bottles per shipment)

Membership includes:

All of the benefits of the Estate Wine Club as well as:

Complimentary shipping on wine club shipments (ground)

Enjoy a complimentary two-night stay in one of Holman Ranch’s Hospitality cottages each year (subject to availability)

Invitation to private dinners and barrel tastings with our winemaker in our wine cave.

Holman Ranch “welcome” gift: keepsake wine key and a bottle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

That two night stay in the cottages is completely worth the club membership, from a person that has stayed there.

I was also fortunate to receive a tour within the Holman Ranch wine caves the following morning:

Holman Ranch Wine CavesThe wine caves built about four years ago is where the magic happens at Holman Ranch and yes where they create all of their wine right on the property.  That day, the winemaker, Greg Vita, was present along with Assistant Winemaker Emily, and let me tell you they were always moving while we were there.

Once inside the vineyards we learned a bit about the wine making process and even tasted a few wines right out of the barrels:

Wine BarrelsSome new releases they’re working on include a Late Harvest Pinot Gris, and if you love sweet wines you will love this late harvest Pinot Gris.  As one person in our group called it a nice, lovely “breakfast blend.”  Another release they are working on includes a nice Port, and if you love Ports you will love this version. Smells of chocolate fragrant this port. A perfect pairing with chocolate.

When it comes to wine and Holman Ranch there is truly a passion there, and it’s found in General Manager Nick Elliott along with Wife Hunter Lowder, who the Hunter Cuvee was named after.

Nick Elliot

I’ve found some new wines that I truly love and they are the wines of Holman Ranch.  Are you a fan?


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