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Veggie Grill: Bringing FUN to your Veggies!

Posted by on August 5, 2014

Disclosure: I was invited out to the Mountain View, CA location to try out their new Summer Menu.  All Opinions are my own.


I first fell in love with Veggie Grill when the Torrance, California location opened up in Los Angeles.  It was an easy 10 minute drive from where we lived, and as I watched it being built, I knew it was a place I wanted to try.  When the doors opened, I took my other half there, and we were quite impressed with the offerings.

So, when I recently discovered they have expanded to the Bay Area after my recent move I couldn’t wait to introduce Veggie Grill to a few friends who hadn’t quite experienced it yet.  So, one day we went out to enjoy lunch as Veggie Grill in Mountain View introduced us to their new summer menu offerings.

The Mountain View location just opened up this past April 30th, but from what we’ve seen, it’s already become a big hit.

What makes Veggie Grill unique? Veggie Grill only serves plant based food so no matter what you order you are guaranteed that there’s no meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat within the food.  And the food is delicious.

See for yourself with these new summer menu options:

Seasonal Harvest Salad

The Seasonal Harvest Salad:

This salad is perfect for summer and the grilled peaches add the right touch.  Served with arugula and romaine lettuce along with roma tomatoes, shaved beets, toasted pecans and infused quinoa topped with a citrus vinaigrette.  And yes, it’s just as tasty as it looks.

Crispy Cauliflower:


You know a food item is really good when two people at the table mention they aren’t fans of cauliflower, and soon you see them digging in for seconds.  The Crispy Cauliflower appetizer was a HUGE favorite at our table, and also the first to be eaten at our table.

Chargrilled-Street-CornChargrilled Street Corn:

WOW!  When I took a bite of this corn I was expecting sweet, but instead, I got a mouthful of flavor with a bit of spiciness added to the mix.  Veggie Grill adds in a nice flavorful blend to the corn that gives you a full on party inside your mouth.

Latin-SuccotashLatin Succotash:

Veggie Grill has you covered with their Latin Succotash.  Taste those flavors and mix them all together with seasoned black beans, shaved chargrilled cob corn, avocado chunks, tomato corn salsa, jalapenos, tortilla strips, red pepper chile sauce stacked over quinoa pilaf with dried grapes and almonds.  A great lunch option if you ask me.

Grilled-Portobello-SkewersGrilled Portobello Skewers:

Another favorite amongst the group were the Grilled Portobello Skewers.  And the tzatziki sauce that goes with it is top notch.  When I head back to Veggie Grill this is what I’ll be ordering.

20140724_121133B.T.L.A Sandwich:

And of course, Veggie Grill had me covered with my absolute favorite sandwich.  Of course, they had to turn it Californian by adding in the Advocado.  The BTLA Sandwich has all the good stuff. Smokey Tempeh bacon, sliced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro pesto tossed arugula, aioli mayo over grilled sourdough.

But, of course, when a group of bloggers are together, there’s lots of photo opportunities.  My personal favorite being this one:


Who do you think got the best photo?


Even after all that food, we still had room for dessert and these two options were the best way to end lunch:

Seasonal Fruit Creation

The Seasonal Fruit Creation:

This one brings in the fruits of the season to create the perfect parfait.  And for this peach lover, I couldn’t help but have seconds and thirds.

Carrot CakeCarrot Cake:

Needless to say if I were to order dessert every day for the next 365 days this is what it’d be.  The best part is knowing this Carrot Cake is completely dairy free yet the topping is oh so very creamy and delicious!

This was one meal where afterwards I felt more energized and really good about what I ate after, although full.  It’s also nice that they do not serve sodas, but they have some delicious teas:

Veggie Grill teasThe Pomegranate Green Tea was my absolute favorite though.

Veggie Grills are located in Southern California, Oregon, Washington and are just beginning to expand in Northern California.

Current Locations:

Mountain View, CA which opened a little over 2 months ago (the location we visited!!)

565 San Antonio Road
Mountain View, CA 94040

Santana Row Location:

3055 Olin Ave. #1030
San Jose, CA 95128

And soon to be opening in:

Corte Madera (which makes ME very happy since I am in the area often!) will be opening near the end of August

Walnut Creek is slated for October.

A huge thank you goes out to the Mountain View California team as they treated us to an amazing lunch during one of their busiest hours.



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