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An Easy Decorating Idea for your Front Door!

Posted by on January 2, 2015

2015 is taking shape already.  Since day 1 I have been cleaning my place, putting things away, and thinking of new ideas on how to decorate our apartment.  I’ve been putting a lot of things off so it’s nice that I’ve finally been getting into the home decorating groove.

With a lot of new ideas, and this extra creative juice flowing inside me I’m finding that if I just stop and look in one area of a room, ideas begin floating through me.

The other day I ran across a stack of photographs I had printed out from my time in Los Angeles.

photocollageI guess the photos stayed in the back of my mind because tonight when I was cleaning the apartment, and looking all around it for new ideas on how to make the apartment feel more like a home my eyes locked on my front door.

I noticed that my front door, the back of it, had 8 grooves that would perfectly frame photographs.  Needless to say, I grabbed that pile of photographs along with some packing tape and got to work.

The final result has added so much to the living room.  This one is sticking around for awhile:


The best part is knowing how easy this was to do, and how much it added to the room. A new tradition could even be born by changing out the photographs each New Year from pictures of the past year.


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