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The Best Feature about my Lumia 830: Cortana! #AD #LumiaSwitch

Posted by on February 24, 2015

Disclosure: I am part of the #LumiaSwitch project where I received a Lumia 830 for review purposes. The Lumia 830 is a Windows Phone.  As I discover what I love about this phone, I’ll often share with you.  #SponsoredbyLumia

It was just about a week ago when my Lumia 830 arrived on my doorstep, and I’ve begun playing around with it (a phone I received to test out for a 6 week time frame!)  And, so far, I have fallen absolutely in love with it.  As I’ve begun to get to know the phone and find some favorite features there is ONE that stands out for me the best: Cortana


Received my Lumia 830 today. Cant wait to take pics with it! #LumiaSwitch #Sponsored

A photo posted by Jamie Gall (@jamiegall1930) on

The Back of the Lumia 830

Think of Cortana is your Siri to your Iphone, but better.  Think of Cortana as the voice from HER, or think of Cortana as your own personal virtual assistant.  Whatever you want to call her, you can, but if there is one thing to think of: She will Help YOU out during the day.

Some of my favorite features:

She’s FAST:

What’s great about having a Virtual Assistant is how fast she can pull things up.  If I want to order pizza, I can ask her for pizza places and she’ll instantly pull up 6 to 8 places for me to choose from.

If I want to see a movie, she’ll pull up a list of movie times.  If I want to try out a new restaurant, she’ll instantly pull up a list of restaurants in the area.  But the amazing thing is how fast she does it.


She Will Phone a Friend or Send a Text Message:

Another cool thing that she can do?  Pull up Cortana and ask her to “Phone Mom” or “Phone a love one” or “Phone (Friend’s Name).  And she will instantly pull up the person’s name and ask if that’s the correct contact.  And then she will dial.

Making it easy to find that friend or loved one without causing you headaches as you search yourself.

She Will Write Notes for You:

Notes: Cortana

This, is by far, my absolute favorite feature of Cortana.  If you’re out and about and you need to jot something down, pull up Cortana, say Note then you’re information, and she will write a note for you. You can then easily pull up the information through OneNote at a later time.

This is perfect for those in a rush, have a short memory, and just want to remember something down the road. An important date, got it.  An important item at a store you want to research more about, or a book you were told about.

She Will Remind You:


Another great feature?  Yep.  You can set reminders for yourself.  Perhaps you want to give yourself a scheduled work time, you can remind yourself to take breaks, or perhaps you have a favorite TV show but can never remember what time its on: Yep, she’ll remind you.

Or perhaps there’s something you need to get at the store, but ALWAYS forget once you get there.  She’ll remind you as pull up to the store.  It’s that simple.  And so awesome!

She’ll Even Help You With your Calendar:

Tell her “Schedule Appointment,” and then she’ll ask, “When’s Your Event,” and she’ll take it from there.  Making scheduling things into your calendar super easy.

But, of course, if you’re feeling a little silly she has some GREAT laughs:

She’ll sing you a song:


She’ll Do an Impression:


And Even Tell You Jokes:


Needless to say, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Cortana, and how helpful she is.  She can make me laugh when I need a laugh.  She can help keep me organized, and overall, get the search results I need when I need it.

It’s just too bad she admitted this to me though:  wp_ss_20150223_0004

But, I still love her anyway.   The Virtual Assistant that knows just about everything!






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