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Unique Tours Around the Monterey Peninsula!

Posted by on May 27, 2015

Disclosure: I was apart of a FAM trip a little over a year ago where I experienced a ton of these tours.  All opinions are my own.  #SeeMonterey

Sea Lions

There’s a very special place in my heart for the Monterey Peninsula.  Last year was the first time for myself experiencing this very SPECIAL area, and it’s left a lasting impression.  It has become a goal to get here at least one weekend a year for as long as I reside in California.  (I was just there this past April!)

With that being said, there’s a lot of Unique Tour and Opportunities available when you visit this area.  Here’s my list of fun within the area:

Elkhorn Slough Tour:

Probably ONE of the BEST tours I’ve ever experienced in my life took place in Moss Landing, about a 30 minute drive North of Monterey, but, if you take the time to take one of these tours, you will find, the drive was completely worth it.


The tour takes place along the Elkhorn Slough, one of the top ten Bird Estuarys in the US.  And let me tell you, when on this tour, you will see Otters, Sea Lions, Plenty of Birds, and much more.  And that’s the fun: Counting them along the way in their natural environment.

You are driven by the Captain, who grew up around this area, and has a ton of knowledge about the Wildlife that resides here, and as you go along the tour, you will learn a ton in the process.

Walking Tours: Original Monterey Walking Tours

There are Walking Tours led by Monterey locals who will share the history of the Monterey Peninsula with you.  As you walk around the favorite sites of Cannery Row, you will just happen to learn a thing or two about the area.  Our Cannery Row walking tours relive the 1930’s, when Monterey was the “Sardine Capital of the World.” Our historic Monterey walking tours explore the Cradle of California from the Spanish explorers to California statehood to the 21st Century.
The Original Monterey Walking Tours will send you home with a new appreciation of life in Monterey.\

Behind the Scenes Tours at The Monterey Aquarium:

Probably one of the BEST places to visit along Monterey is the Monterey Aquarium.  See your favorite sealife animals in action.  Experience Octopuses, Jellyfishes, Sea Otters, and more live in action before you eyes, but did you know, the aquarium also has Behind the Scenes tours?

They Do!


Tours include:

Behind the Scenes Tour:

Unlock the secrets with this special insider’s tour and follow our guides through staff-only doors. You’ll discover what it takes to run a world-class aquarium, learn about exciting research projects we’re conducting and find out how we prepare food for over 10,000 animals.

Feed the Fish Tour:

Food, food, food! Ever wonder what thousands of sardines eat for lunch? Find out on this quick trip behind the scenes. Peek into our food rooms, learn about different feeding methods—then pitch in and help us feed some fish!

Family Tour:

Do your kids dream about getting closer to ocean animals? Designed with our youngest visitors in mind, this group tour takes you behind the scenes with trained naturalists who tell insider stories about our most popular animals. Hands-on activities make this a great choice for families with children under eight years old.

Personal Guided Tour:

Have a question you’ve always wanted to ask about our animals and exhibits? This is your chance to get answers! Welcome to the ultimate insider’s view of the Aquarium.

Jellies Tour:

Ever wonder what a jelly feels like? Well, here’s your chance to find out! Get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s most mesmerizing creatures in this unique tour. You’ll go behind the scenes to see our pioneering work in action and discover what we’re doing to help us better understand these mysterious drifters.

Shark Tour:

Love sharks? Join us just before we open our doors to the public and discover over a dozen species of sharks, skates and rays that call the Aquarium home!

Feeding Frenzy:

Our most in-depth tour begins with a private viewing of the sea otter feeding and training session. Then you’ll explore behind the scenes to see where food is prepared—our kitchen rivals any restaurant. Finally, roll up your sleeves and serve breakfast to many of our favorite finned friends!

Sea Otter Conservation Tour:

Are sea otters your favorite animal? You aren’t alone! This tour offers a close-up look at our Sea Otter Program, which has been studying and trying to save the threatened southern sea otter for more than 30 years.

See what I mean? W ho knew they had ALL of this happening behind the doors.

Fast Raft:

This ONE of a Kind Boat Tour will actually take YOU out into the Monterey Peninsula, and take you to see Wildlife in its natural environment.  Ever wanted to see Whales up close in the Ocean?  Or perhaps,  dolphins?

This BOAT will GET You there, and with experience and knowledgable drivers at hand, they will TAKE you to right where they are.


Meet Ranger: Ranger is a 33ft RIB, or Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat (rigid fiberglass hull, inflatable pontoons) with two new EPA-certified low-emission four-stroke Mercury 250HP engines.  And it just holds 6 passengers offering a more intimate, in depth tour of the Monterey Peninsula!

Carmel Food Tours:

For the foodies out there, be sure to stop into Carmel by the Sea, and partake in a Carmel Food Tour.  A GREAT way to get a showcase of all the great restaurants available in Carmel by the Sea, and you get to try out some phenomenal food: Olive Oil, Gnocchi, Pizza, Chocolate and more!

These are just a FEW of the many unique tour opportunities available around the Monterey Peninsula, but they just may be some of my favorites.

Happy Exploring!












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