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10 Ways to Enjoy North Dakota This Summer!

Posted by on June 21, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of North Dakota Toursim.  All opinions are my own, and this is a STATE I would love to travel to.

Summer has arrived! And that means Road Trip Season is upon us.  Often times, the best trips are those unexpected ones, those places that lie so close to home, but yet, just a few hours away.  For those that reside in Minnesota, a trip to North Dakota may just be your answer. For those out in California, or another US State, this is your opportunity to learn a bit more about some of North Dakota’s Treasures in this “10 Ways to Enjoy Summer in North Dakota.”

1) Take in the Wildlife

Derek Stout's Saw-Whet Owl was honorable mention in the Wildlife category

Photo by Derek Stout: Saw-Whet Owl

North Dakota is a land of plenty, and with climates such as this state means a plethora of Wildlife to view from Elk, Buffalo, Owls, Birds, and more found all around this beautiful state.  Stop into a Wildlife Refuge for viewing, or go on a scenic drive or hike.  There’s a little something for every nature lover.

2) Go on a Scenic Drive

In this state you truly do not have to go far for a beautiful scenic drive.  During an EPIC road trip across the state of North Dakota, you will find many hidden gems along the way such as this: Salem Sue stands as a tribute to the area’s Dairy Industry.

Salem Sue at New Salem stands as a tribute to the area's dairy industry

Photo by North Dakota Tourism/Anzley Harmon

Drive across the Enchanted Highway in the Southwest Corner of the state to go on a large scale metal sculpture trail or go across the Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway encompassing 64 miles of some of the most scenic byways across North Dakota or take a trek along the Sakakawea Scenic Byway to explore the Missouri River Valley to stops along the Lewis and Clark trail.

3) Explore the Lewis and Clark Trail

North Dakota was a HUGE part of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and there are many remnants along the way in this state.  Stop into the Lewis and Clark State Park which is situated on one of the upper bays of Lake Sakakawea, the rugged buttes of the North Dakota Badlands display a towering backdrop to one of the state’s best recreation areas.

The park is named for the Corps of Discovery explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The expedition camped nearby on April 17, 1805, and an interpretive trail marker has been placed within the park to commemorate their historic journey through North Dakota.
And follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark themselves.  Stop into Forts, Historic Sites, and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center along the way.

4) Explore Native American Culture

The Native American Culture is such a huge component to North Dakota.  Stop into a Trading Post, Attend a Pow Wow, or visit a Reservation Site.  The Culture is very present in the state of North Dakota.
Interpreters and visitors at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site near Williston
Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site near Williston ~ Photo by Jim Gallop

5) Plan Your Camping Trip
With so many incredible State and National Parks, North Dakota is a GREAT place to plan an epic camping trip.

From the majestic crags of the Badlands to the living history at fort sites and the delicate blooms of a botanical garden, the national and state parks in North Dakota offer an up-close look at the state’s beauty and diversity –
The Pembina Gorge near Walhalla
The Pembina Gorge near Walhalla
The question lies in which State or National Park to Explore Further!

6) Get Outdoors!

Adventures await in North Dakota!  Go on an epic Horse Back Ride.  Spend hours hiking one of the beautiful State Parks, or go on a Mountain Biking trip across the Badlands.   Hike in to your ideal camping spot, or spend hours on the water fishing.  The perfect place for anyone that happens to love the outdoors!

7) Go on that Epic Motorcycle Ride

North Dakota, The State where Motorcycle lovers from across the US go on scenic motorcycle rides.  With Sturgis located right below in South Dakota, a trek up North is just a few hours away.

North Dakota has beautiful scenic byways to explore along with amazing Hills, Valleys, Climates, Wildlife and more.

Heck, you can even rent a Motorcycle to make a dream a reality in this Gorgeous state.  For inspiration:
Motorcycling Sakakawea Scenic Byway in North Dakota
Photo by North Dakota Toursim/Jim Gallop

8) Take in a Bit of History

In every corner of North Dakota there’s a little bit of history to be learned.  From the Lewis and Clark Trail to discovering Dinosaur Bones to Native American History to the struggles of Early Settlers, North Dakota helps bring this history to life.
A 9-11 memorial involves participants from North Dakota and Canada at the International Peace Garden, Dunseith.
Photo by Jacob Bean
A 9-11 memorial involves participants from North Dakota and Canada at the International Peace Garden, Dunseith.
9) Don’t Forget the City Experience!
For those that need more of a City life atmosphere! Don’t forget to visit the cities of Fargo (yes, it’s in North Dakota!), Bismarck, Minot, or Grand Forks.
Grand Forks is a fun town that offers lots of Shopping, Nightlife and fun events throughout the year.  Some favorites include: Rockin’ on the Red Festival, an outdoor concert every September.  Every third Saturday of the Month combines the fun of Art & Wine during their monthly Art & Wine Walk. And don’t forget about Blues on the Reds, a celebration every 4th Saturday of the Month.  A live music series every June, July and August.
When in Bismarck be sure to stop off at the Dakota Zoo, North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum and Fort Abraham Lincoln.
The North Dakota State Fair at Minot
The North Dakota State Fair in Minot
Minot, the home of the annual North Dakota State Fair every July.  It is also home to

 an art museum, symphony, opera and a number of local cultural organizations. The annual Norsk Hostfest is the largest festival of its kind in North America and is a tribute the area’s Scandinavian heritage.
10) Get OUT and Explore North Dakota
Because, lets be honest, the BEST parts are always finding those HIDDEN gems that no one else is talking about.
A bison makes its way down the loop drive in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
To learn more about North Dakota and get inspired for your Summer Vacation be sure to visit North Dakota Toursim.

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