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California Hard Ciders Not to Miss!

Posted by on October 27, 2015

As my love of Hard Ciders continues for a third year in a row, I’ve discovered some hidden gems around California that I want to introduce you to.  Perhaps you’ve already heard of them, perhaps you have not.

Some of these GEMS were recently introduced to me when I sat in on a Hard Cider Tasting Panel during the Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast event that happened a few weeks ago.  Others I’ve known while digging into my own research, and well, because of the area I reside (Sonoma County, ya’ll.)


As I sat in on the session, I was re-introduced to Bristol’s Hard Cider.  For those that may not know, they also happen to have a TASTING ROOM right in Atascadero, CA (Central Coast Area!)  During your Road Trip Travels, Wine Tasting Adventures, make sure to MARK this tasting room on your must stop list.


And get your own Hard Cider flight!  The Tasting Room is a very fun environment.  There’s just one rule: The only sports allowed on the Tele has to be Rugby.  What can you say, when the owner resides from Britain.

Another new cider I found during Sunset SAVOR was, “See Canyon.”


Their Classic was a favorite amongst many at Sunset SAVOR.  And I must say, if new to hard cider, a great varietal to start with.  See Canyon is based out of San Luis Obispo.

One Cider Company, based out of Sacramento, that I was introduced to on the tasting panel that blew me away was none other than, “Common Cider.”  It was their Blood Orange Tangerine that peeked my interest, and has me wanting more.  Other unique varietals include: Hibiscus Saison, Lemon Saison, and Apple Saison.

And of course, out of Sonoma County, there’s a few Cider Company’s worth mentioning:

Tilted Shed:

Tilted Shed has even opened up their own Cider Tasting Room in Windsor, CA.  During your wine tasting adventures, if you’re craving something a little different, be sure to schedule your appointment to taste some ciders.  Their tasting room is also open Saturdays from 11am to 4pm.


But it’s through his unique flavor varietals, and experimentation that are keeping people interested.  And, also shows the fun of Cider Making, at its best.  Follow his adventures on Instagram.

ACE Hard Cider:

It’s their dynamic fruit cider flavors that keep having me come back: Pineapple, Pear, Pumpkin, Berry, and The Joker, of course.  Their fun labels, bright colors, and delicious flavors keep things interesting.

Sonoma Cider Co:


Whenever I go to a local Sonoma County Brewery, the first thing I look for is Hard Cider coming out of Sonoma Cider Co, and if they just happen to be serving “The Anvil,” that’s my go to cider choice.  Yes, Hard Cider mixed with Bourbon, but the combination is to DIE FOR.

Devoto Orchards:


Remember when I first wrote about Devoto Orchards?  As someone who has visited their farms, and enjoyed their ciders on more than one occasion, it’s a Cider I always love introducing family and friends to.  And makes a GREAT pairing with dinner.

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