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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Your Next Foodie Adventure!

Posted by on April 26, 2017

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Destination Gettysburg.

Gettysburg has a lot more going on than our country’s historical past.  As many families come to Gettysburg to honor our history, people are finding there’s so much more happening in Gettysburg than meets the eye.  And I’m here to LET YOU know about these GREAT adventures. For starters, it’s time to indulge in your inner foodie and begin planning your next FOODIE ADVENTURE in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

1. Take a FOOD Tour

Gettysburg, known as the biggest small town in the world, has some GREAT food tours out there.  Whether you get connected with Savor Gettysburg, where you are lead on a walking tour around Historic Gettysburg, and shown some of the best EATS this small town has to offer.  Partake in ONE of 5 Unique experiences they have available, explore Historic Downtown Gettysburg, or explore the Wine, Cider, and Food, or if Comfort food is more your thing, they have that too.  They also offer an amazing Farmer’s Market and Cooking Class Tour! And if you have an interest in Agri-Toursim, they offer a  Field to Fork Agritourism tour where you’ll go out to the farms of Gettysburg, harvest your own produce, and then turn your harvest into a bountiful meal! These 3 Hour Tours show an entirely different story of Gettysburg!

2. Go Wine Tasting or Cider Tasting or Visit a Distillery



Gettysburg is truly making its mark in the wine, cider and distillery world and tons of wineries, cideries and distilleries are popping up all around Gettysburg.  Spend a day or two exploring these hidden gems throughout Adams County.

Some recommendations include:

Stop into Mason Dixon Distillery:


Producers of Small Batch Spirits from local whole grains. They even have a small kitchen inside where they serve meals, including Sunday Brunch!

Lunch, Dinner, Tours, Bottle sales
Wednesday-Saturday 11:30am to 9:30 pm
Brunch, Tours, Bottle Sales
Sunday 10am-2pm

Reid’s Winery: The Cider House:

While Downtown Gettysburg, be sure to swing into Reid’s Winery for a wine tasting, or a hard cider tasting, whatever it is you’re craving.  If you like what you’re tasting, take some time to visit Reid’s Winery at their Home Winery during your Gettysburg getaway!

And of course, there’s a lot more to explore while in town!

3. .Pick Some Apples or Sip on Some Hard Ciders


Pennsylvania was first introduced to Apple Trees by none other than Johnny Appleseed, but did you know, Adams County, home of Gettysburg, is the 4th Largest producer of Apples in the US?  Yep, that’s right.  So while in town, especially during late summer or fall, plan a day for some Orchard Picking.

Or, during the warmer months, enjoy those apples through some Hard Cider Tasting, as this area is becoming a huge producer of hard ciders, and you know, since it’s in Apple Country, they’re worth tasting.

4. Take in a Food Festival

This area loves its food especially its wine and apples! So of course, there’s 2 great festivals not to MISS when visiting Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival takes place every September during harvest time!  A great time to celebrate the year’s bounty, and enjoy all the fine wines this area produces.

And of course, while in Apple Country, it would make sense to have an Apple Harvest Festival! This festival is held the first two weekends of every October.

While both of these festivals take place during the fall, there’s tons of summer festivals not to miss including a PA Cider Fest, Corn Fest, and Peach Fest that happen every summer in Gettysburg!

  1. Take in a Farmer’s Market

With farmers being so close to the heart of Downtown Gettysburg, one thing not to miss on your travels is stopping into a local farmer’s market to enjoy the bountiful fruit and vegetables offered.  NOTHING tastes better straight from the farm.

If you’re in town when a Farmer’s Market isn’t happening be sure to stop into McDannell Fruit Farm & Market to stock up on your favorites.  Did we say apples?

And while you’re not indulging in your taste buds while in Gettysburg, you can explore the small boutiques in Historic Downtown, or take in some of the history that Gettysburg has to offer.  It’s truly worth a Getaway this Spring or Summer!

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