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Rooftop Bars and Hotels.

Posted by on October 27, 2011

HOtel Rooftop bars! I knew they existed, just never partook until I got to Los Angeles.  Since I’ve been introduced to 2 wonderful Hotel Rooftop bars.

1) Hotel Erwin in Venice

 This wonderful hotel and rooftop bar is a few blocks from the Venice boardwalk, but close enough to watch a gorgeous sunset go down into the water.  A perfect night out, and a fun atmosphere.  You won’t be disappointed.




2) The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles

With that gorgeous downtown landscape scenery as you sip on your beer, wine, or coca cola, this is the place to be.  Although, they often times have a very strict dress code, and look down upon cameras, you have to at least visit this rooftop bar once in your Los Angeles life.  Swim on their rooftop pool, lay in one of their cozy ipods, or sit close to the fire.  They have it all.

Two of my favorite rooftop bars in this wonderful city called Los Angeles.  If you have a rooftop bar favorite, let me know!

Rooftop Bars and Hotels in the Los Angeles area.

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