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Green Chopsticks Fun! via @greenchopsticks

Posted by on April 18, 2012

I first heard about Green Chopsticks when I interacted with them via social media prior to #ExpoWest then at the expo I met up with John Hang, the media relations coordinator from there.  He was great, open, and friendly.

He invited me out to their facility, and of course, I brought along a group!  Green Chopsticks has an open door policy within their facility to check out how they run things, and it’s also to show that they are abiding to standards and have nothing to hide.

Let me run you through the process:

The first thing we did when we got there was walk through the cleaning room.  We were told to sanitize our hand then we were all given lab coats!  Then we were told to walk through the little room above where air would blow out at us to get rid of any particles hanging onto us.  We’d walk out of the room in the black mat to sanitize our shoes.  This is the process they go through every morning when the workers start their day in the plant.  This was the first time I ever had to be sanitized down completely.

The next stop was the dough room.  This is literally the room they make all of their dough.  Because it was later in the day they were done with this step of the process.

Once the dough is made, it is put on these giant spools which then get threaded through the machines in the following rooms.  Btw: That is John Hang above.

You know what I love about Green Chopsticks?  They utilize all fresh products, and on a daily basis cut their own products for the dumplings and potstickers.   And wow, I’d be streaming tears being surrounded by all those onions!

This is the giant mixer that combines all the ingredients together.  The meat, the vegetables, and the spices to make this giant filling.

The following room was my favorite of the entire tour.  This is where you saw the machines in action, and saw the process of the dumplings being made.

BTW: I could watch this machine for hours.  First, as the dough was cut out then spun around in the process of the dumplings being made to them coming out on the conveyor belt.

What are they doing above?  They’re going through every dumpling and getting rid of the ones that didn’t make the cut or form the way they were suppose to.  I think it’s pretty rad that they do this.

After the sorting process, the dumplings make their way to the giant freezer.  This is where they get ready for the packaging process.  This freezer is huge, but by the end, the dumplings are frozen and ready to go.

And voila.  The other side of the freezer.  They land into this fun bowl where workers pack them up into their packaging to be sent out.  That day they were working on putting the product into sample boxes.  These are the boxes they bring to their road shows they do while working at Costco’s.

Where can you find Green Chopsticks?  Right now, they can be found at Bristol Farm’s and Gelson markets.  I was in Bristol Farms yesterday looking for them.  They were priced pretty reasonable at 4.99 a bag.

They also do 5 roadshows a week starting on Thursday and going through Sunday at various Costco’s throughout the LA area.  Each week on their website they post where they’re headed.

They can also be found in the Pacific Northwest.  If anyone back home is interested in these products I’d be more than happy to work with you to try to get some sent your way ;0

That night I went home and made my first batch of the dumplings, and was pleasantly pleased with their taste.  I just boiled them in water.  Next time I’m going to sear them nicely in the frying pan, that was the way John Hang recommended.

*Disclosure* Green Chopsticks did not pay me to post this, but after the tour did provide me with free samples of their dumplings and potstickers.  All of the information above was written straight from me.  


21 Responses to Green Chopsticks Fun! via @greenchopsticks

  1. Helena

    Sounds like a very interesting tour! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Helena recently posted..Four Ways Taking Care of Yourself Leaves You Satisfied At the End of the Day

  2. valerie2350

    LOVE potstickers – fascinating to learn how they are made and am impressed with their cleanliness 🙂

    • Jamie

      I wonder how people wrap them without the machines 😉 Have you ever made your own?

  3. Nisha

    I love touring plants. The nerd in me likes to learn how things are made. 🙂 They sound like a great company!
    Nisha recently posted..4 New Easy Lifestyle Changes To Help The Environment

  4. Dale Anne Potter

    Oh How AWESOME was that Jamie! COOL!
    Were you able to enjoy samples at the end?
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Can you have too much AWESOMENESS?

    • Jamie

      We did get to snack on a dumpling during the tour =) but we were able to take home some frozen treats. So I’ve been enjoying them with a few dinners =)

  5. Romina

    I love Green Chopsticks. It’s yummy and competitively priced. Your post totally looks like an episode of “How It’s Made” from the Science Channel. Hopefully, we can catch them again at Costco during their roadshow.
    Romina recently posted..Super Baby Foods Review & Giveaway (National Nutrion Month®)

    • Jamie

      Oh, thanks for stopping by Romina! =)

      They’re a great company and so clean. A good thing when it comes to our food!

  6. Elaine Shannon

    We also love to watch How its Made…thanks for the tour!
    Elaine Shannon recently posted..Discover Yourself and Find the Hidden Positive Spirituality in Your Life

  7. Alexis Grace

    What a cool tour! I love the sanitation process!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Obligatory Instagram Post

  8. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    I love tours in food factories and plants….never heard of Green Chopsticks, but can’t wait to pick some up next time I am at Costco…
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Leek & Potato Spring Soup

    • Jamie

      Definitely keep an eye out for them. They’re a great company!

  9. Anita

    Just like “How Its Made” This must have been awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Anita recently posted..At a Professional Crossroads? How to Choose the Path That’s Right for You.

    • Jamie

      It was a ton of fun. I always wanted to go behind the scenes like this. I’m grateful for the opportunity!

  10. Trinity

    This reminds me that I wanted to take the kids to the Crayola museum. Thank you! 🙂
    Trinity recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  11. Kristi

    How fun!!! I’m so green with jealousy 🙂
    Kristi recently posted..Osmosis Toddler Training

  12. Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes

    Ooh I’ve been craving dumplings & have actually made them before with a really simple Martha Stewart recipe. I love them! You always seem to do such fun things Jamie!
    Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes recently posted..6 Must Have Items to Survive Pregnancy

    • Jamie

      Dumplings are amazing!! Alex, it’s a huge part of me, I get such an adrenaline from experience new things all the time 😉

  13. Marie Leslie

    How fun! And what a timely post. Green Chopsticks had a roadshow at our Costco last weekend and we bought the pork potstickers–they were so yummy. They’re even on tonight’s menu. I LOVE factory tours. Thanks for sharing.
    Marie Leslie recently posted..How to Organize Important Documents, Part 1

  14. Erin

    So sad I had to miss this! Looks like it was a very fun tour! Its cool to see through your pics though how they are made. Just wish I could taste them too! 😉
    Erin recently posted..Thankful Thursday

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