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My LOS ANGELES Pet Peeves!

Posted by on May 8, 2012

I’ve officially been in this city for a year and a half, and I’ve noticed a few things that happen here that rarely happened at home.  Some have become my pet peeves.  I just thought it’d be humorous to share them with you:

1) Elevators

I have noticed this time and time again.  I ride the elevator down or up to where I’m going.  There are people waiting on the other end.  For whatever reason, they don’t like waiting for the person to get out of the elevator before entering.  I’ve never seen this anywhere else prior to here, and it happens to me repeatedly!

2) Drivers

Yes, I get it.  There are bad drivers EVERYWHERE.  Unfortunately, around LA, because there are more people, there just seems to be a lot of annoyances.  The car that creeps out to block traffic so he can get in instead of just waiting for his turn, the cars that don’t know how to utilize the center turn lanes so they continously block traffic.  The other day as I was driving, someone merging right into my lane without bothering to look to see if anyone was coming, or my favorite was when I saw this vehicle swerve right then quickly left again then zoom to the exit where they then hit one of the signs off the side of the exit.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff around here!

3) Not going a day without being asked for money

Homelessness is a growing issue, and I understand this.  I feel so helpless though as I can barely make ends meet.  But I rarely go a day without being asked for money in some sort of way.  Whether it’s at the street corners as I drive by, or whether it’s going in and out of the stores I visit on a frequent basis, etc.

4) Business Cards

I’ve never to be a place where so many business cards have been handed to me.  I understand now, because I’m a blogger, why those are handed to me, but I’m handed them at any social function I go to, any art event I’m headed to, anywhere I go in this city.  My question is this: what do people do with all the business cards they receive?  Do they add them to their email list? How do you organize them?  These are the questions I still don’t have the answers to.

5) Paying for Parking

One thing I do love about my job is all the stores I frequent (except 2) have parking where I do not have to pay for it.  However, anywhere else I go in this city expect to pay for parking.  Oh, it’s only 5 dollars, oh, it’s only 3 dollars, but it all adds up.

6) The Cops

It really bothers the heck out of me that cops have ticket quotas to meet in this city.  This city is huge, and my understanding is that cops are suppose to protect and serve, not be out trying to pull over as many people as they can.  And I’ve never seen more cars being pulled over in my life since being out here.  Anyone else have issues with this?  With my luck I just put a mark on my back 😉

7) The issues with tripods!

I am a photographer, and there have been a ton of times where I’ve been asked not to take a picture of something, or that I can not utilize my tripod there.  The reasoning?  I’m sure it’s because they don’t want their prints of their building or place to be sold without some sort of payment being sent to them, so they make it difficult to attain said picture.  Other places have said no to the tripod based on safety concerns.  Whatever excuse, I’ve heard it all.

Anyways, I’d love to hear some of your LOS ANGELES pet peeves.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few 😉

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18 Responses to My LOS ANGELES Pet Peeves!

  1. Kiyoshi

    1. Totally agree.
    2. I love to drive but a lot of people don’t (maybe that’s why they suck at it), I am a big advocate for Monrails!
    3. Hate being asked for money why… should I work hard, but you don’t have to? I have a lot of respect for the mexicans that get into this country illegally. They travel from Mexico through San Diego and make it all the way to L.A. (without a CAR!) find jobs wherever they can, make money and a living AND sometimes they even send money back home to Mexico! How can an american look at another american and say here is a FREE dollar. When I get off the freeway, on one corner there is a “fake” homeless person and on the other side I see day labors waiting for work. What’s wrong with this picture.
    4. Business cards, I get a lot of them too… never know what to do with them, I just ask someone in my office to go through them and throw them out after we enter them into the computer.
    5. Parking garages cost a lot to run even though you just park your car there. Yes, some take advantage and that sucks. If you move to the suburbs paying for parking is rare.
    6. Well this one doesn’t bother me that much. With all the idiots driving around I don’t think it’s hard to give tickets. Even your #2 was about bad drivers.
    7. Never had that problem but that would piss me off too.

    I have some of the same peeves you have. Great article!

  2. Judy Ebert

    Jamie, Ifeel for you. In the late 70’s I thought irt was horrible.Things never change. The smog was really bad then also.Guess that’s why I returned home to Minneasota.Love Aunt Judy

  3. Madge

    I live in NY and we have a lot of the same issues, it’s just part of living in a large city. I am surprised though that here, people do wait until the elevator has emptied to get on. I think that’s because that’s subway etiquette that is ingrained by announcements. However, you still have the occasional idiot that tries to barge in. Such is life. I found you through Blogger Comment Club! 🙂

  4. Marie Nicole

    The traffic is relentless!

    OK. So I don’t live in LA but live in San Diego, and I was in the OC for a month in 2010…
    Marie Nicole recently posted..Beware of What You Wish For

    • Jamie

      What’s the traffic like in San Diego? A lot calmer or still pretty crazy?

  5. Daniel Wheaton

    Haha, I’m going to agree foremost with the cost of parking complaint. Parking in L.A. is SO expensive! Thanks for sharing. Made me chuckle.
    Daniel Wheaton recently posted..How much do teenagers text… and why?

  6. Andie

    Yes LA is a tricky place. Driving anywhere sucks. We just moved away from the city part and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me. However there are far more skinny fake boobed mamas here than anywhere else in the world. Well maybe not Miami beach, but close!
    Andie recently posted..Hell hath no fury like other parents?

  7. Olga Hermans

    Love this post; I live in Vancouver Canada, I also lived in Amsterdam and I am so with you with all the little excuses people make for rules and regulations. Vancouver is a little better than Amsterdam, but we have homeless people everywhere, but it is said that Vancouver is one of the best places to live….thanks for the great post, I also had to chuckle a few times like Daniel did 🙂
    Olga Hermans recently posted..You Take Control By Your Choice

  8. Elaine Shannon

    I had the pleasure of driving in LA with the Skipper while on vacation. Being small town people we were shocked at the driving antics. Driving while applying makeup, smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee while texting…yes this was one person…she must have a gig with the circus. Anyhow it was interesting and scary. A great place to visit. Glad I don’t have to drive there all the time.
    Elaine Shannon recently posted..Countdown to an Amazing Garage Sale

  9. Anita

    Sounds Nasty! Thanks for the warning 😉
    Anita recently posted..No More Excuses – Motivate Yourself Today

  10. Dale Anne Potter

    YES, agreed with Anita – THANKS for the warning!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Positivity Challenge #4

  11. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    I’ve been to LA many times but honestly never stayed long. I’m not a city person I’m afraid. Between the air, the traffic, and the too many people I usually find myself instantly longing for escape!

    Honestly though – I’ve encountered most of the problems you mention in many cities – aside from the elevators and the tripod issue (but then I’m not a photographer 🙂 My advice; recycle the business cards!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Life At Witt’s End {5-10-12}

    • Jamie

      It’s funny. I am a city person, but I can never be too much into the heart of it. I like being close by, but having to deal with the headache of the city on a daily basis, I can’t do. So it’s nice visiting the outskirts 😉

  12. Nisha

    I love your elevator anecdote, and I think it’s a regional thing. Like you, I grew up in the midwest (Milwaukee), and I know if I go to other cities in other regions, the pace is just different. I would expect the same elevator experience in New York (and I would be equally horrified!), but when I lived in Louisiana for a while, it was the opposite. Everyone moved…much…slower. 🙂
    Nisha recently posted..4 Little Known Ways To Be More Creative

  13. another jennifer

    I’m a New England girl. I’ve only been to Los Angeles a couple of times, but it annoyed me in general. I’ve determined it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. To each her own, right?

    Of course, if you’ve ever driven in Boston, there are a whole other set of annoyances! 🙂
    another jennifer recently posted..Philanthropy Friday: Generosity As a Business Model

    • Jamie

      Oh, I believe it. Each big city has their own annoyances… 😉 heheh thanks for stopping by!

  14. Alexis Grace

    Money— It is actually worse in Chicago. I can’t believe I am saying this.

    Biz Cards— I try to load them into my address book (when of interest), otherwise there are also organizers specifically for biz cards.

    Police— I actually had the opposite experience in LA during my tenure…. for me I felt like they didn’t do enough. Too often I saw people chatting or texting on their mobiles right next to a cop and the cop not reacting. This drove me CRAZY. Talking/texting are EXTREMELY dangerous while driving. This things should be reacted to!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Final Florals: How I wear them!

  15. Modern Gypsy

    I live in India, and we face some similar problems here – like people wanting to rush into the elevator before those wanting to exit can get out (which also holds true any time you take public transport); the homeless and poor asking for money at every red light in the city; horribly chaotic traffic…but then, all cities have their minus points and their pluses…in time, you generally come to accept, if not love them, warts and all.
    Modern Gypsy recently posted..5 tried and tested strategies to deal with stress

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