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Picture This.

Posted by on May 10, 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve showed any pictures… so I thought today would be a good day for that:

Remember when I wrote you the story of “How I Met My Man?”  This picture was taken by him during my first initial visit with him.  We were by the ocean.  Ironically, I was looking behind me at the cliffs, lol.

I totally forgot I had this picture of Downtown Los Angeles.  I still haven’t taken the perfect picture of the Los Angeles skyline.  My hope is to take it during winter when snow is on the mountains.  I just need to find the perfect place.

One of my favorite festivals to go to is the Pasadena Chalk Festival.  Last year was the first time going for me, and I was amazed by all the beautiful talent I saw that day.  It was amazing to see the artists work in progress, and how they creations transformed.  And they do it with chalk!  I will also be attending the Chalk Festival this year which is taking the place of June 16th and 17th.

One of the places I visit from time to time with other photographers is Olvera Street.  It is the oldest street around in Los Angeles, and it’s filled with vendors that sell a lot of Mexican inspired gifts which means colorful.  Anything for suns like you see above to toy guitars to the dancing guys and gals on strings.  And there’s some pretty amazing restaurants on the side of the vendors to eat at.  Whenever I visit there I always have to make sure to stop at Mr. Churro to get a churro with filled custard 😉 amazing!  And believe it or not I’ve introduced other local Angeleno’s to this filled custard churro 😉

Sometimes when I’m out and about taking pictures I catch something that you wouldn’t think to see often.  A police beach car chilling on the beach.  By the picture you would think the beach was deserted, but it was actually a really busy beach day.  It’s all in perspective of your picture.

This is the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena.  It’s a true beauty and it’s long.  In the past a lot of people jumped off this bridge to their ending deaths, so this bridge has been coined, “the suicide bridge.”  And as you can see above they’ve now added guard rails making it almost impossible to jump off of.  Sometimes it’s just fun to take some time to capture a bridge.  One of my favorite things to capture.  One day I hope to end out east to capture some of the covered bridges in small towns.

I know this post was kind of random today, I couldn’t really organize it in a way, but I enjoyed going through some of my old pictures and picking out some of my favorites, and it was also a walk down memory lane for me.



13 Responses to Picture This.

  1. Maribel Reyes

    Great pictures as always! My favorite one is the Colorado St. bridge, breathtaking!

  2. Helena

    Beautiful pictures Jamie! That one of the chalk drawing is amazing! Sounds like a very cool festival to attend. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Helena recently posted..Self-Confidence and Success: Four Ways To Build Them Both

  3. Anita

    Love the chalk drawing and the bridge! Awesome shots 🙂
    Anita recently posted..Inspiration is All Around You – Look for It

  4. Nisha

    Wow, great pics! I especially like Colorado Street Bridge photo. I bet if you go through some small towns, you’ll find some great little bridges to photograph. 🙂
    Nisha recently posted..Just For Today: Put Flowers On Your Desk To Boost Your Mood

  5. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Beautiful. Love the chalk painting and that photo of the beach is striking and unusual.
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..5 Facts Which Currently Bug Me

  6. Magnolia Mom

    I love the beach pic. Great use of negative space.

  7. Mary

    So, they ARE having The Chalk Fest during Make Music Pas? Interesting! I should be at the music fest so maybe I will see you, or we can meetup!:)
    Mary recently posted..The 20th Annual Weenie Roast!

    • Jamie

      Yep. It is the same weekend =) I usually tend to get to the chalk festival right in the beginning before it gets too crowded, but definitely want to stay for some music this year =)

  8. hollow tree ventures

    Those are great! I love the colorful sun, but the bridge is my favorite.
    hollow tree ventures recently posted..Brain Clutter Is Clogging Up My Mother’s Day Wishes

  9. Dale Anne Potter

    Great photos Jamie! THANKS for sharing.
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Fiber Art Now review

  10. Alexis Grace

    I like the photo of the police car at the beach….. while I doubt they were just chilling (alas, I have seen people get arrested at the beach!), it is a fun perspective!!!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Final Florals: How I wear them!

  11. Nichole

    The beach picture is really interesting and the chalk festival sounds awesome!
    Nichole recently posted..I’m Mom Enough.

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