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Looking Back on an Amazing Trip in Sonoma, CA!

Posted by on July 9, 2012

We went to visit his family up in Sonoma.  They were gracious hosts, and we had a lot of fun, although, it was go, go go since we got there, and we had a bad time going home (we missed our flight) but now, here we are.  Have you ever had a moment where you forgot where you parked your car? Yes, welcome to my world 🙁 I’m better than that, so later today we’re on a mission to find it.

*ahem* So a relay of my trip to Sonoma:

We flew in on the 4th of July and from there they took us to the main Sonoma Plaza where there are festivities happening throughout the park such as: salami toss, art show, and food vendors around.  We were hoping to make it to the salami toss so we could win a couple, but by that time things were closed down.

From there we headed to where we would be staying to rest a little; say hi to Jesse the dog, and a few other relatives that stopped in to see  David.  We then headed back out to the plaza to have a wonderful meal and watch fireworks at the Depot Hotel.  They put on a really GREAT fireworks show up in Sonoma, the finale was one of the best I have seen in years.

Day 2: We loaded up the vehicle, had breakfast at Little Black Bear and hung around the Delta Loop in the boat speeding around and enjoying the summer air.  It made for a very relaxing day.

Day 3: We headed out to San Francisco where we captured amazing photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, drove down the Crooked Street, went to the top of Coit Tower to lookout at the city below, and ate at Boudin in Fisherman Wharf.  This is where I tried oysters for my very first time.  My thoughts on them?  They weren’t bad, but to me, they weren’t good either.  I’m indifferent on them so I made sure to save the rest for those surrounding me that absolutely loved them while I munched on calamari 😉

Day 4: We drove around Wine Country and tried out some wineries.  I will be talking about each individual winery we went to in a future post, but needless to say, by the end of the day I was incredibly happy for the opportunity.  That evening we got together with one of David’s cousin’s, had dinner, and they talked about the old days.


And Day 5 was a day of relaxation at home before heading to the airport where bad karma took over and we ended up missing our flight, and oh, completely forgot what shuttle took us back to our car.  Remember to always jot down where you are, or ask the shuttle driver what to look for when you get back so you don’t end up the way we did *sigh*

Home Sweet Home, but still wishing I was back in Sonoma 😉


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