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A Day at the Spa: Burke Williams #spon

Posted by on August 23, 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited out to Burke Williams Spa in Torrance, CA for a night of pampering. Prior to this night I had been looking for a spa to visit for my annual facial that I indulge in every year. A tradition that I have given myself since 2005, and it’s a tradition I truly believe every woman needs to indulge in.

And, if you’re engaged to be married, I always advise the bride to be’s to indulge and give themselves a day at the spa. It is such an incredible experience to get a massage, have a facial, and get your nails and toes done, even your hair.

That evening when we walked in there were a few snack items to munch on from cheeses to meats to crackers from Gaetano’s Restaurant, and decedent desserts with beautifully decorated cake pops to munch on by Cookielicious.  There were also drinks being served by Little Black Dress Vodka, which, by the way, I just love that name.

As we sat and mingled there were a few spa services being offered in the lobby while we waited to have our massage or facial for the evening.  One such service is where you stuck your head into a machine, and it showcased which parts of your face needing repairing or were dehydrated.  Boy, looking into that machine, scared the heck out of me.  My freckles popped out all around me, and I learned fast where my skin was damaged the most, and needed some hydration.  The lady then walked me through their serums, and she even gave me a sample to take home to try out.  (PS: I need eye cream bad!)

After the skin consultation I waited in line for my parafin wax and hand massage.  The thing I love about parafin wax is how smooth it leaves your hands afterwards.   You dip your hand into the wax three times then have hand warmers wrap around your hands for a good two minutes, and then they massage your hands in the process.  A very relaxing experience if you ask me.

I was then given a short tour of the Burke Williams Spa in Torrance.  They had a beautiful area where you could hang out in the hot tub area.  If you’re a member you’re able to come here anytime you want and just spend time in this area.  There is also a personal “quiet room” with separate rooms to sit in and just relax.  If you ever need to get away from the kids for a few hours, this is your zen place.

Even their restroom area was pretty spectacular:

And then I was invited up to my room where my facial began.  I had a wonderful person working on me by the name of “Cindy” and she did a great job.  I was so relaxed during the process I came close to falling asleep.  I think one of the best reasons for getting a massage or facial.  Prior to the facial they asked if you were allergic to anything so they’d know not to utilize any serums that had such ingredients included.

And then that evening as we left they gave us a gift bag which included 3 day visits to the spa, and a headband from Violet Love.  I will definitely be visiting Burke Williams in the future.

There are a variety of membership levels available:

Essential: 79 dollars per month: Includes a 50 minute massage or facial.  

Deluxe: 119 dollars per month: Includes a 80 minute massage or facial.

Beyond: 149 dollars per month: Includes everything in the Essential package but access to the spa whenever you want to visit it.

The memberships also have lower pricing on spa services throughout the spa, and members are often invited to “members only” functions throughout the year.

If you just want to spend a day at the spa without services the cost is: 45 dollars.  If you have an appointment for a service that costs 55 dollars or more the spa is available to you before or after your service for as long as you’d like.

Burke Williams Spas have locations in: Torrance, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Orange, Mission Viejo, San Francisco, and San Jose.

For more information on Burke Williams you can visit their website.




6 Responses to A Day at the Spa: Burke Williams #spon

  1. TheFashionistachic

    Burke Wiliams is really nice, but now that you are in LA can I suggest you try a Korea Spa. They are awesome and affordable!

  2. Maribel Reyes

    My sister has a Burke Williams membership and always raves about it to me. It seems like a great place to spend a quiet evening relaxing! 😀

    • Jamie

      It’s pretty incredible. They’ve completely sold me, and I’m so happy the Torrance location is so close =)

  3. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    It looks so relaxing! One can dream right…. 😉

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