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The ETSY Party at CRAFTED #spon

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Last Friday night I was invited out to CRAFTED for their first ever ETSY party.  Friday, August 24th was National Etsy Day, and Etsy was forming meetups across the US for artist’s to come together and craft together.

CRAFTED was the perfect venue for this, and they made sure to put one together.  It was a very successful event with over 1000 attendees. Just check out the pictures below:

They did an amazing job with the decorations considering they started out with absolutely none.

The tie dye station was located outside.  Although the company never received the t-shirts they had ordered for this event, but they still encouraged everyone to bring in something of their own to tie dye.

A nail polish station that we made sure to hit up (Erin, Mary, and Rebecca, and myself!)

There were a variety of craft stations throughout CRAFTED in which you could partake.  They even brought in Crafter Mark Montano from “The Big ASS book of Crafts.”

And, the craft I chose to partake in was making my very own “Idea Jar.”  I decided inside I’d place all the places I’d want to travel to or go see in LA or surrounding cities, and on a weekend that I happened to be bored I’d go in the jar and pull something out and that’s where life would take me:

CRAFTED is a great place to shop, and embrace local Los Angeles Artisans.  Did you know in order to exhibit in CRAFTED your goods must be made in Los Angeles?  The artist’s pay for a 10 x 10 space in a month what they would pay for one weekend at a Unique LA or Renegade Art Fair festival!

You’re more than welcome to share space with other artists, but you must be there 75% of the time.  CRAFTED has a 35 year lease for this space, meaning they have no intention of going anywhere, and they are going to expand every few months to become the largest permanent CRAFT venue of it’s kind  in the US.

This upcoming weekend for Labor Day they are doing it BBQ style.  Fox Pizza Bus will be there roasting a pig, and bringing their BBQ style pizza.  There will be live entertainment and live artist demonstrations.

Remember, CRAFTED is open every weekend throughout the year.

Fridays: 12pm to 8pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 11am to 7pm.

Disclosure: I was invited out to the Etsy party by the CRAFTED team.  A whole lot of swag was given, and we had a night of fun crafting. 

Keep an eye out in weeks to come where I begin to showcase some of the local artisans of CRAFTED with some possible fun giveaways in the future =) There are a ton of great local Los Angeles artists at this venue.  And for me, this is my way of supporting the ARTS.


One Response to The ETSY Party at CRAFTED #spon

  1. Ashley

    This looks like a lot of fun! I think it’s great they are going to be there for the long run. I wish I was more crafty every time I try a craft I find on say Pinterest, it turns out to be a disaster lol

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