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So I attended my first blogging conference, now what?

Posted by on October 14, 2012

If you haven’t heard this past weekend I took myself to VEGAS where I attended my first Blogging Conference with “Bloggy Boot Camp.”

It’s a pretty amazing feeling being in a room with women, and even a few men, who have one common interest as you: Blogging.

And it’s an even better experience to realize how awesome and successful a lot of these women have become,

but then they’re actually taking the time to talk about it.  They’re sharing their experiences, talking with others, and in the end, they want to see all of us succeed too.

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Things I learned from this conference:

1) Tiffany Romero from The Sits Girls is HILARIOUS, and she loves to speak in front an audience (kudos to her!)

2) Know Your Worth and Ask for it.  (This is my huge huge takeaway from the conference! I do have worth, now start asking for it!)

3) Being blown away by hearing that some of my blogging idols have only been blogging for 2 years (I’m already at a year!)

4) Elizabeth from Flourish in Progress on the importance of being your Authentic SELF.  Not only did she have me laughing throughout her talk, but really made me think as to how I’m staying true to myself on my blog.

5) Be PROUD of your numbers and own them.  People you look up to in blogging may just have the same exact blogging numbers as you. =)  This was an awesome quote made from the conference

6) Find your TRIBE and be proud of that tribe.  Help grow each other, help lift each other, and be proud of one another. A tribe isn’t a 100 people, but 6 to 12 that help you along your way in blogging, and often times, they are your complete opposite.

7) Pay it Forward.  If an opportunity comes your way and it isn’t a good fit for you pass it on to another blogger who may appreciate it.  I will continue to do this, and continue to help other bloggers.

8) There are some people that can talk lawyer sense without it completely sounding boring!!!

Danielle did a great job and I just want to give her major KUDOS!

9) When you have awesome roommates, it makes the entire experience so much better!

In the end, it was a great weekend, just felt, there wasn’t enough time to meet everyone, or talk to others before having to sit down for the next session.

Assigned seating was a great idea because it allowed us to mingle with others we may have never gotten the chance to, but I walked away feeling as if I missed so many others.

Thank you Tiffany and Fran for putting on a great conference =) And I must say, loved the fact it was in VEGAS, lots of time to play afterwards!

Erin from HorsingAroundLA, Me, Maribel from Stroller Adventures.  We’re missing our other fab roomie: Suzanne from The Wineabe.

And it was great running into blogging friends I have looked up to in the past year, and one particular friend who I have helped grow and read since my near beginnings: Bibi, I adore you and was so happy to finally meet you in person!


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