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What to GET that WINO in your life?!?!?!?! Wine Gifts

Posted by on November 23, 2012

With my love of wine I’ve been looking at gifts on the internet, and just want to share some of my finds.  One, this helps me create a holiday wish list, and Two, it will help you in shopping for that fun loving WINO in your life.  And Three; my SO does read my blog on occasion, and he said this LIST would help him with his shopping 😉

So. Great Wine Gifts:

1) Pier One Imports- Frog Wine Rack

A few weeks ago my SO and I stopped into Pier One Imports and I ran across this beaut.  I haven’t been able to  stop thinking about it since:

I love wine racks, and I have been looking to get myself one.  But this just adds a new level of fun too them.  Think of an animal, perhaps one of your favorite. Perhaps there’s a wine rack with your name on it out there.

2) Wine Mercer’s Ice Cream

This company based in Upstate New York has created a wine ice cream, and wow, I want to try it out.  Flavors come in: Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Riesling.

3) The Rabbit

Crate and Barrel

I took to my facebook page asking my fans what wine accessories they love.  Lots of people came back with the response of the “The Rabbit.”  A GREAT wine opener that makes opening those wine bottles super easy.

4) The Corkcicle

Since I first discovered this fun invention last year it’s been on my list of “wants.”  Chill it in the freezer, then when you open your bottle of white, put it in to keep the bottle out and to  the temperature you want.  PERFECT for gatherings.

5) Wine Appetizer Plates

Whenever you have wine, it’s nice to have a little something something to go with it, so when I discovered these fun appetizer plates that fit right over your wine glass.  I thought, “wow, that is a GREAT investment!”

6) Owl Cork Holder ~ Cork Holders, in General

My big thing I’ve been looking at this year has been to find something to keep all of my wine corks in.  I eventually want to make something out of it which leads to my  next gift ideas 😉 So when I found this Owl Cork Holder, this was the one I wanted.

They have cork holders in every possible shape.  I’ve seen snowman, the Eiffel Tower, Houses, and more.

7) Wine Pens


We’ve all seen those Decorative Wine Glasses where people have drawn on the glasses.  So, for a gift idea, why don’t you purchase a pack of wine glasses with these pens, and the WINO can let their inner artist shine.  Or, if you’re an artist yourself, grab these pens and design your own wine glasses for the fun loving WINO.

8) The Wine AERATOR

I can attest that I do not own one,  but I can attest that others have RAVED about this, and I do want one for myself.  I want to taste the difference after using one. Wine Enthusiast has a GREAT sight showcasing some of the best aerators around.  I personally like the Red and Wine set.

9) Do it YOURSELF Cork Sets

So, a question a lot of WINOS ask is what to do with their old wine corks.  For some, they save them.  For others, they get creative.  So when I found this wine trivet set, I had to share.

But be sure to stop by The Wineabe and check out how her mom put together a wine lazy susan together.  It’s pretty neat to see it in action.

10) Wine Toppers

And the last gift idea I’m going to leave you with is to shop all those amazing wine toppers available out there.  Know who you’re shopping for and their interests, and pick up a beautiful topper.  Trust me, it’s so nice to pop that in over the wine bottle after opening.

Have fun shopping, or if you’re like me, a fellow WINO, have fun dreaming 😉

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  This is a list I put together on my own.  And I recommend all of these fun gifts!







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