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Capturing those AMAZING Vacation Photos!

Posted by on May 12, 2013

Summer’s right around the corner, and I’m thinking vacations, fun weekend getaways, and time at the beach and/or lake.  During those moments I tend to reflect on capturing the best vacation photos and now it’s time to share some tips:


1) Get that Postcard Shot!

You know the one.  Whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge (pictured above) or perhaps the NYC Skyline, or The St. Louis Arch to capturing Disney, capture that postcard shot.

But, after it’s captured, put your mind to a test.  “How can I make this shot interesting?”  Look around you.  Are there things you can add as foreground or as silhoettes?


2) Think.

Seriously.  What is it about the place that you’re going to?  Are there any interesting characteristics about this place, if so, capture the essence of what those things are.

The Wrigley Plaza Plaque.  The Wrigley family was incremental in making Catalina Island what it is today.

The Wrigley Plaza Plaque. The Wrigley family was incremental in making Catalina Island what it is today.

3) Then Look for the “Unique.”

With any photograph, we see life through the eyes of the photographer.  So, in that way, draw on things that stick out to you.  This is your way to tell your story in how you see the world.

For me, I am drawn to statues, to art figures, and overall, in composition of my photographs:


4) Capture the Environment Around You

Each place you visit has a certain feel to it.  The ambiance should be showcased in the photographs taken of the area, and through the photographs, others viewing it should be able to capture the essence of that place.


5) Don’t forget the FOOD!

Sometimes certain occasions when traveling relate to the food that is part of the occasion.  4th of July = Barbeques.  Birthdays = cake.  Mother’s Day = Brunch (often!), etc.  During these occasions make sure to capture the food that go with these moments.

Also, when traveling, certain areas may be known for a certain particular area of food more than others.  Chicago = Pizza and Hot Dogs.  Philadelphia = Cheese Steak.  Minneapolis = Juicy Lucy, etc.

6) The People.

Nothing’s better than a photograph of a person in their environment.  Whether you’re on the beach and you’re catching someone on a hammock reading a book, or perhaps at a park and encountering a bike rider, or in Washington DC and capturing someone waving an American Flag, those are the moments to keep an eye out for.

7) Capture the Moment

Often, as a photographer, we just have to keep our eyes open for that perfect moment.  From a distance you may see a bird flying your way.  You wait until that time to hit the shutter button.


Or, you’re at an outing and a person is doing something unique in the environment they’re in.  Pay attention to your surroundings and be ready for that “moment.”

8) Capture the Memory

In the end, when on vacation the most important part is capturing what is happening around you to take those memories home with you.  Capture the smiles, capture the spots you’ve visited, or even the people.  Those pictures last a lifetime.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  Just tips I wanted to share to make the most of your summer vacations.  Plus I just got back from a weekend getaway so was feeling inspired.



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