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30 Ways: 30 Days: LA County Fair! Giveaway ends 8/29/2013

Posted by on August 20, 2013

Disclosure: I consistently work with the LA County Fair.  Love supporting this fair, and will be receiving complimentary entrance into this year’s fair. 

The annual LA County Fair is about to open its doors on Friday, August 30th, and will continue for 30 Days of Fun.  Admission is: Adults: Weekday: 13 Dollars Weekend: 19 dollars Children: 6-12 Weekday: 8 Weekend: 12 Seniors 60+: Weekday: 10 dollars Weekend: 15 dollars.

And now 30 Ways to Have Fun in 30 Days at the LA County Fair:

1) Visit Fairview Farms


Walk through Fairview Farms and experience the animals first hand.  Witness the baby animals and perhaps witness a baby birth right before your eyes.

2) Shop Your Heart Out!

Last year I did not give myself enough a time to just shop.  But one thing this fair has is plenty of shopping opportunities.  With not one building, not two, but at least 4 buildings full of just vendors to shop through.

3) Take a Wine Education Class.

With wine classes being offered every Wednesday through Sunday throughout the fair, it’s time to learn a bit about the wine you’re drinking in front of you.


After your wine education class, hang out in the beer and wine marketplace with a cheese plate in front of you and explore new wines from the International Competitions.

4) Take in a Concert!

Every Wednesday through Sunday of the fair there’s a concert happening.  See artists such as War, Trace Adkins, The Bangles, Los Lobos, Kesha, Demi Lovato, Shinedown and more.

5) It’s ALL about the FOOD!


Bacon Nutella

Let’s be honest here.  The best part of the fair is truly the food.  It’s what we look forward to every year, right?  From Deep Fried Peanut Butter sandwiches to Chicken Charlie’s fun creations to dessert and fresh fruit.  Make sure to follow along on my adventures on twitter and instagram @jamiegall1930 to find out what’s new at the fair this year for food next week.

6) See the Acrobats!

One of my favorite parts of the fair is stopping by Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus and seeing them perform live.  Take in a show.

7) Historic Trains

Stop to explore the historic trains at the fairgrounds.  Go in and out of the different trains all lined up together in a part of the fair.  Blow the train whistle and more.


8) Milk a Goat!

Visit the Dairy Milk Barn and stop by to learn how to milk a goat, and perhaps you’ll get to try it yourself.

9) Pixels ~ Art of Animation

Stop by this exhibit and learn all about the art of animation

10) The Garden Railroad

This little gem of the fair is the largest miniature railroad set.  Walk around the track and explore their set designs and how it’s changed over the years.  What’s been added to the set this year?  Stop in for a visit.



11) Ride the Ferris Wheel! 

12) Attend the Asian Festival

The last weekend of the fair is the Asian Festival.  Keep your eyes peeled to the LA County  Fair site for more information about this fun festival.

13) Sit in on a Show

There are a variety of shows to take in at the fair including Birds, Bears, Sea Lions, Circuses and More.  Grab an event schedule for a day and enjoy the entertainment

14) The Pig Races

Nothing’s more fun than sitting back and watching those pigs run in front of you.  Which one will take the lead and win it all?  Do you have a favorite?  Cheer them on.

15) Sea Lion Splash

Stop in to check out Sea Lion Splash.  This area will have sea lion fun along with a 5000 gallon tank full of sharks, stingrays, crabs and starfish.

16) Wilderness Ridge

Be sure to stop into Wilderness Ridge to check out the BEARS!  And, of course, what it was like to live a bit more on the wild side.

17) Star Trek: The Exhibition

Okay Trekkie fans, you will not want to miss out on this as pieces of the largest collection will be out at this Exhibition.  Explore sets, props, and costumes along with priceless memorabilia in this collection.

18) Budweiser Clydesdales

Stop by to visit the Budweiser Clydesdales and see how huge these horses are in person, and gorgeous too!

19) Petting Zoo

Stop by the Petting Zoo to feed and pet some of the farm animals.

20) Rides, Rides, Rides

And of course, lets not forget about ALL the rides that are a part of the fair.  Hop on, Hop off.  They’re waiting for you.

21) Flower and Garden Pavillion

This year’s theme is “Mysteries of the Amazon.”  Bringing some of the scents, sights and creatures of the rainforest.

22) Culinary Kitchen

Learn from Chef Leslie, or check out all the items entered into one of the food competitions.  Who will take home the prize?

23) Horse Racing

Come on out for the live horse racing that takes place throughout the fair.

24) Wiener Dog Races

That’s right!  The weiner dog races are taking place on Saturday, September 7th, you don’t want to miss this!

25) Cut Out Scavenger Hunt!

Throughout the fair there are a variety of cut outs.  Take the family on a scavenger hunt and try to get as many photos as you can with these cut outs.


26) Become a Prince or Princess!

Let imaginations run wild for the day as your young ones can dress up as a Princess or Prince in this play zone.

27) Tapestry Exhibit

Walk through the Tapestrys and discover a new favorite.

28) Plaza de las Americas Stage

Take in a bit of culture on this stage as latin heritage takes front and center.  As you shop in the booths around, performers come to stage putting on beautiful performances.  Grab a chair and rest your feet as you watch them in action.

29) Big Top Theatre

Head to the Big Top as you take in the circus of Beijing and other community performances.  This can be found in Expo Hall 4.

30) Take in a Sunset!


Every night, when the sun goes down, there’s always a beautiful sunset to take in.  Go out, have fun, and see you at the fair!

If you’ve read through all that and you’re still with me… now the fun part!! Your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the LA County Fair!!

Retail Value: 76 dollars


a Rafflecopter giveaway

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.  Must be 18 years or older and reside in the US.  All other rules can be found here.  Giveaway ends at 9pm EST on August 29th.  Winner will be notified by email.

Disclosure: I’m a huge supporter of the LA County Fair and had a blast attending last year.  Tickets are provided by LA County Fair.


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