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Quirky, Fun Wine Gift!

Posted by on January 4, 2016

Disclosure: I received a Capabunga Gift Package for Review Purposes.  All opinions are my own.

As a wine lover, I love a great wine gift  (related to wine) that makes me smile, makes me laugh, or ones that completely understand my wine humor.

So, when I received this amazing Capabunga Gift Set, it was SPOT ON PERFECT: The Capabunga Service & Storage Kit.

Gift Set Slogan Sm.jpg

It makes for a GREAT hostest gift, thinking about YOU gift, or a birthday gift!

But as a wine lover, I want to tell you the reasons why I love it:

  1. Brings FUN to Entertaining


They’re not just your typical wine markers.  They bring personality, and let your guests SHINE front and center.  As they come to you, let them choose the marker that represents them.  As they mingle around the party, their marker will EVEN make a great conversation starter.


2) Keeps my WINE Covered when Outdoors! or, if I ever have a bottle left over (hah!)


I’ll be honest.  Those bugs sure love their wine (who doesn’t!) So, when indoors, outdoors, these caps come so in handy.  No need to worry as you savor your wine throughout the afternoon, put a cap on, and it’ll stay protected.

3) Keeps The Glassware Memorable

4) INCLUDES a CAP for SPARKLING (my favorite!!)

So many wine markers forget about the Sparkling wine, and for me, as a huge fan, is not acceptable.  I was so happy to SEE that Capabunga made sure to include it!  And it FITS over perfectly.

5) Blends RIGHT in with my other Wine Decor


It really does.  As I divulge more into my love of wine, it begins to filter into other parts of my life including how I decorate my home.  Having those perfect wine accessories to pair with my wine, and home are what make it so fun!

Retail: 29.95

One Response to Quirky, Fun Wine Gift!

  1. Raquel

    Oh what fun wine accessories! This makes me thirsty! Love your wine decor too Jamie! Happy New Year #Cheers!

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