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Where Did Your Passion for Wine Come From? #MakeTime #Sponsored

Posted by on July 10, 2017

It’s funny.  When I lived in Minnesota, I did not have a love for wine.  The wine I tried in the past, usually boxed wines, or bottles around the home that were offered to me, I found I did not like.  I always thought I hated wine.


Then I moved to California.  During that time in my life I was on the path of finding myself, finding my own passions in life such as taking photos, writing, and the moment that changed my perspective on wine.  That moment was my first time walking into a grocery store in California.  I was in AWE that there was an entire aisle dedicated to wine in the grocery store, so inspired that I had to buy a bottle and bring it home. (Lets just say, buying wine, when you know nothing about it, is a pretty overwhelming experience!)  It started with the labels for me, how pretty the labels were determined if I would purchase a bottle of wine or not.

Well, from that first experience to now, lets just say, it’s completely changed my entire perception on wine, and lets just say, it’s kind of become my obsession (*cough*passion*cough*).


From that first time of purchasing a bottle of wine to my first winery visit to my first California Wine Tasting to my new found goal of getting to visit ALL of the California wine regions, and eventually ALL of the US wine regions, it’s become my absolute passion. And it’s leaked in all around my home from my wine collection brewing to the wall decor around the home, it’s everywhere!


Now that it’s summer, bringing my love of wine and the outdoors comes together more than ever this season!

Wente Vineyards KNOWS what this is all about with their Summer Concert Series.  Learn more about their “Make Time for Music” initative, and their amazing summer lineup right here.

And to get you inspired for a nice glass of wine, be sure to check out all their GREAT wine selections.

I truly want to know WHAT You passion is, and how your love of wine began?  We all have a story as to how we fell in love with it, whether it was from dinner parties, the perfect pairing, or even growing up with it, what’s your story?

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