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Healthy Eating Leads to a more Healthy Heart!

Posted by on February 9, 2012

Welcome to Week 2 in my Heart Healthy Series this month.  Did you know that almost 80% of heart disease can be prevented by healthy eating and exercise?

Today, I’m going to focus on ways to improve your eating habits to a more healthy heart.

1) Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Think about it.  If you choose a fruit or vegetable for a snack as opposed to cheese, crackers, or something sugary, you’re already off to a better start.  Those fruit and vegetables have natural ingrediants, and are a heck of a lot more healthier.

2) Select Whole Grains

The next time you’re at the store, what kind of bread do you choose?  Do you go for the plain old white bread?  Well, I challenge you to change it up and look for those multi-grained breads, and whole wheat breads, and breads filled with fibre.  They’re a lot better for you.

Whole grains have natural ingrediants within them that help to control blood pressure and heart health.  So, start eating more whole grains.

And if you haven’t heard: Flaxseeds are another source for regulating blood pressure and cholestoral.  These small brown seeds can easily be grounded up in a coffee grinder and thrown into yogurt.  Just an idea 😉

3) Eat Less Sodium 

Cut the salt out, but that also means, opting out of convenience.  Instead of that frozen dinner tonight, opt for making a homemade soup, or stew.  Eating homemade is a lot healthier for you.   Those processed foods such as frozen dinners and canned foods carry a lot of sodium within them.

But also, when you shop, look for the less sodium versions of those foods you purchase.  A lot of companies offer those varieties for you.

4) Control your Portion Sizes

The truth is.  We overeat, and we do it a lot!  Instead of going back for seconds, recognize that the full plate you just had was ENOUGH.  Also, study up on appropriate portion sizes.  Cutting back, and being aware of what we’re putting into our bodies is truly a good, healthy start.

5) Eat your Fish

Those Omega-3 Fatty Acids in fish actually help to reduce the risk of heart disease.  Eating fish once a week will help lower your risk, and the results are usually more positive than the risks that come from eating fish.

Omega-3 is good for our bodies because it helps to reduce inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation in our bodies damages the blood vessels within, and leads to heart disease.  So, go out and ’tis the season to start enjoying that weekly meal of fish 😉

6) Eat Your Nuts

This is something I learned new, but nuts have a lot of those health heart nutrients our bodies love.  Omega-3, Fiber, Vitamin E, Unsaturated Fats…. so bring nuts into your life as a great snack.

A lot of the information I found for this article were pulled from:

They had some amazing articles on Healthy Eating related to your heart.  Please take the time to check out some of their well written articles, and start eating healthy on behalf of your heart =)



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