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#ExpoWest Beauty Finds and Non-Food Products!

Posted by on April 10, 2012

To think #ExpoWest happened over a month ago now, and I’m still raving about the awesome products I found there.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly coverage of the Expo, and found some new products you can’t wait to try.

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But now I’m saving one of my favorite categories for last.  The Beauty products and fun finds throughout the Expo.

1) Built NY Wine Totes

Perhaps you saw my giveaway, perhaps not, but these WINE TOTES are a blast, and so much fun to have.  One that you carry over your shoulder to the ones that you hold by hand.  They’re great to have around.

2) Island Bamboo

This company is awesome.  Having one of the widest selection of Hue Bamboo kitchen products available.  I was literally drooling in their booth as I looked throughout the bamboo products.  Has anyone ever told you how much of a sucker I am for bamboo cutting boards?

3) Okabashi 

This year I’ve had my eyes on flip-flops, and I’m on a mission to try out some new companies so when I stumbled upon Okabashi, I was enamoured.  Their sandals made from recyclable products.  How awesome is that?

4) SnapSac

I love reusable bags, and now that Los Angeles is beginning to ban plastic bags throughout some of their surrounding cities I’ve been on the lookout for new bags.  What do I love about SnapSac’s bags?  The fact that they’re HUGE.  You can fit a lot into them, and it’s still comfy to wear around your shoulders.  They fold up incredibly easy too making it super convenient.

5) Back to the Roots

When I ran across this “Grow your own Mushroom” garden company I couldn’t take my eyes off the product.  I want to try it out! I’ve heard of growing your own gardens from tomatoes to herbs to vegetables, but never thought of mushrooms.  My SO is a huge fan of mushrooms.

6) LifeFactory

These reusable glass bottles that were covered in an awesome silicone sleeve which keeps your glass bottle protected at all times.  They also make baby bottles.


7) Sibu Beauty Products

These beauty products are amazing.  Made from sea buckhorn oils.  These beauty products truly repair and protect your skin.  I was given samples, and the difference it’s made to my skin has been felt and noticed.  This company is also truly amazing, and their passion shines through in how they market, and connect with others.

8) Grahams natural Alternatives

This company was founded based around their son, who as an infant, had major eczema.  They worked hard to come up with a product that would work to alleviate the eczema, and they’ve had raving success.  If you know someone with eczema or other skin ailments, recommend this product to them.  They’ve especially designed it for babies and children.

9) SparkleHearts

These two ladies came together on behalf of their daughters who was wondering why there were so little natural beauty products made from natural ingredients.  These two ladies got to work and have come out with body lotions and washes designed specifically for girls.  The fun pink design of their products make them fun, and the SMELL is to die for.  Keep an eye out for a giveaway coming soon 😉

10) Sum Bo Shine

What caught my eye about Sum Bo Shine where their organize fingerpaints that were made from organic fruits and vegetables.  How fun for a small child, and finger paints that aren’t toxic for children.  Truly a win-win!

What GREAT GREAT products, huh?  #ExpoWest was a ton of fun, and it opened my eye to how fun a healthy and natural lifestyle can be, and I’ve attached myself to some new favorite products because of it!



14 Responses to #ExpoWest Beauty Finds and Non-Food Products!

  1. Modern Gypsy

    These products sound amazing! Especially love the Life Factory bottles, and Sibu sounds really good too,
    Modern Gypsy recently posted..How I rediscovered the zest for life

  2. Anita

    Love bamboo products and the wine tote looks interesting 🙂 Great and unique post!
    Anita recently posted..Change Your Life in 30 Days: A Process That Really Works

  3. Elaine Shannon

    The education and information at a conference are priceless. I have product envy, on the east coast of Canada we are somewhat limited but I am sure that they ship to Canada, thanks for sharing these great finds.
    Elaine Shannon recently posted..Lift Your Paddle and Go with the FLOW

    • Jamie

      Expo’s and conferences are a ton of fun. I can’t wait for the women’s expo to come around =)

  4. Nisha

    Wow, that sounds like a great Expo you attended. Take me along next time! I’m especially intrigued by the LifeFactory glass bottles. I might have to check those out!
    Nisha recently posted..How To Forgive Others So You Can Let Go & Move Forward

  5. Kelly

    Sounds fun. Were you at the conference because of business – you are looking for products to sell? Sounds like you made some fun finds.
    Kelly recently posted..A Relationship is Not Going to Fix You

    • Jamie

      The conference had a Blogger event there so a bunch of us attended the conference, and made some connections along the way =)

  6. Dale Anne Potter

    Looks like you had FUN – who knew there was so many options for water bottles.
    Look forward to hearing about what else you found at the conference.
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Wordless Wednesday…

  7. Jennifer

    Wow, what a great list of products . . . I will be checking out several of them! I love the life factory water bottles, they are a great alternative to the aluminum taste that the non-glass bottles leave behind. What’s next ~ I think I’ll try the fingerpaints, my kids will love those.
    Jennifer recently posted..The ABC’s of Online Business Profits: Part 2

  8. Alexis Grace

    So, I am not familiar with any of these companies, but I LOVE the finger paints!!!!! I am so sick of all the toxins we actively expose ourselves and kids to, this seems like a great option!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Creativity

  9. Lawrence

    I agree, that Wine Tote looks kinda cool. Would have made a great Passover gift
    Lawrence recently posted..Dating sites

  10. Trinity

    Love this! Bookmarking it for later – especially for the flip flops!
    Trinity recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: First Game

  11. Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes

    I love the grow your own mushroom party! That sounds so fun!
    Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes recently posted..Confessions of an American Mom #1

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