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Cline Cellars!

Posted by on July 18, 2012

One thing I love is wine.  Another thing I love is social media, so when I see one of the wineries that I’ve visited recently alive and active on twitter, it makes my heart happy.  =) So, please make sure to follow Cline Cellars on twitter @clinecellars

Cline Cellars was the second winery I visited while in Sonoma.  There were a few reasons why I truly loved this place and let me share them below:

1) The Homey feel when you walked in.

When you drove up to Cline Cellars and you looked at the place it reminded me of a cozy home.  When we walked into the tasting room it was very crowded.  The wine merchandise was to the left while the counter was crowded by people tasting and enjoying their wine.

2) The Piranhas out Back

My SO wasn’t into wine tasting the day we went touring so when he found the fish in the back he had a lot of fun feeding them.  We watched as they flopped over one another, tackled over the turtles trying to get to the food, and just watched them go nuts trying to get to the fish food we fed them below.

Can you see them?

3) The Merchandise

Of all the wineries I visited that day I wanted to buy a lot from Cline Cellars.  From the freezer ice cube bag to the cute coasters to the napkins lying around I felt as if I picked up everything in that store.  They really thought through what they would bring into their area.

 4) The fountain to the side of the house.

What can I say?  I’m a huge fan of fountains.  Cline Cellars did a nice job of making the backyard feel very relaxing as you walked along.  You could walk further to explore more of the fields or sit on a nearby table and just enjoy the outdoors.  They even offered tastings outdoors.  But for me, the fountain added a lot.


5) And their wines… of course

Cline Cellars is known for their Rhone style wines, and their flavorful zinfandels.  Although, while there, I did not actually try any of their well known Zinfandels.

I did try out their Cool Climate Chardonney, Their Pinot Gris, and their Mourvedre Rose.   The Pinot Gris was my favorite amongst the three.  Since it was still early I was too afraid to venture out into the reds.

Be sure to check them out on their website here.

My new friend

I loved that their tastings were complimentary, unless, of course, you wanted to try one of their specialty wines which cost $1 dollar per tasting.  And I was even more surprised by how many offerings they had altogether: 22!

So, the next time you visit Sonoma, make sure to stop by Cline Cellars to feel as if you’ve never left home.

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