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Saying Good Bye to 2012!

Posted by on December 29, 2012

Looking back on 2012 I am in awww.  My first full year of blogging and writing.  And let me tell you, it has led me to some amazing opportunities and experiences in my life.

This is my recap of the past year.  I will be sharing pictures from things I’ve done to places I’ve gone to posts I’ve written.

January 2012:

I was on a mission to make my blog the best it could be.  I just wasn’t quite sure on how to get there quite yet.

I was still exploring around LA too and this is where one of my favorite posts from January came to be.  Museums around Town.  This was my experience with Exposition park for the first time.

oldpicturespc 18136

February 2012:  Every February I am reminded about Heart Awareness Month for women.  And this year I was on a mission to bring awareness to it.  I did a series of posts related around this.

Well, lo and behold, one of my posts.   Healthy Eating for the Heart took off on me.  I was still so new to blogging so when my stats quadrupled in one night I was left asking myself, “what happened?”  lol.  I was in disbelief that something I wrote could have done that.  It opened up my eyes.

oldpicturespc 18951At the end of February I was at a Travel Engagement put on by Jetset Extra where they brought in top travel experts to discuss social media and much more.

March 2012:  I went to ExpoWest, and this is what truly helped change the direction of my blog entirely.  Food products, Natural products, oh my, a very good overwhelming experience.

oldpicturespc 22501Oogies: One of my FAVORITE food products from 2012!

I wrote a series of posts about Expo West:


Best Drinks:

Best Gluten Free Products:


My Top 15 Food Picks:

oldpicturespc 21805And I had an opportunity to take photos of an amazing dance group at the end of March.  Mandala DanceWorks.

April 2012: In April I really focused on writing out some pretty thorough posts on Photography.

Check these out:


Aperture Does What?

What is ISO?



Choosing the Camera for You

I also did a fun post on Cell Phone Photography asking for people to submit their photos.  I was so happy when people actually did!



Cell Phone Photography

Cell Phone Photography Part 2


May 2012: In May the Solar Eclipse Happened, Met up with some fellow SoCal Lady Bloggers, and had my first costume review:

Solar Eclipse 312The Solar Eclipse!  Pretty awesome to see.

Solar Eclipse 390My South Sea Siren’s Review

June 2012: June started out GREAT with a weekend trip away to Arizona with the girls, an interview and sneak peek of the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.  June was a GREAT month overall:

The River 198Hello Kitty Tattoos!

The River 443Us girls at the Road Runner!

FestivalofArts 086

Sneak Peek from this past year’s Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.  Otherwise my first experience with the arts program that truly goes into it.  Very Eye Opening, and a great experience via Life in LA

So that’s what the first half of my year looked like.  Come back tomorrow to take a peek at the second half of the year!!





4 Responses to Saying Good Bye to 2012!

  1. Cafe Pasadena

    Happy 1st Blogging Year! And Happy B-Day!!
    How long do you think you’ll continue to blog?
    With your photography emphasis, I think I’ve found another blog to follow regularly.
    Cafe Pasadena recently posted..Some Rose Parade News

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much =) Right now, I honestly don’t see an end point for blogging. It’s something I really enjoy doing.

  2. Rachel G

    Great first year! I so do not know what aperture means, and I’ll stick to my little, point and shoot, auto-mode all the time camera–but I think I’ll send some of your posts to my little brother, who’s a newbie photographer.
    Rachel G recently posted..The Year in Review

    • Jamie

      Well, the articles will remain if you ever want to learn more about photography. And using a point and shoot is perfectly okay too.

      Thanks for stopping by =)

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