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Wine Tasting in Southern Oregon!

Posted by on July 1, 2015

Whenever I visit a new place, one of the first things I look for is a winery now.  No surprise there, right? Experiencing other wine regions across the US has become an absolute passion for me, but coming back and sharing those experiences with all of you makes it even a bigger one.


Edenvale Winery

When we vacationed to Southern Oregon a few weeks ago (my first time EVER in Oregon) I knew we would be visiting an area that was getting pretty well known for their wine, so I made it a point to stop at a few places along the way.

A few things to note:

We visited the Ashland/Medford Area on a Tuesday (even during the summer lots of wineries were closed on this day!)  So, with that being said, while in town, we grabbed a ton of wine map brochures, and winery listings and began to map out our day.  I was limited to what was open.

Our first stop took us to Edenvale Winery, also the Medford Area Wine Center.  This winery is spectacular, sitting atop the EdenValley Orchards (the birthplace of Oregon Pear Making).  This beautiful historic home has a lot of history, but the true magic happens during the tasting. Winemaker Ashley Campanella puts a ton of care into her wines, not releasing the wines until they are ready to be drank, and ready for all the consumers to enjoy.


Probably one of the most innovative ideas for wine has come out of this tasting room:  Wine in a plastic container that you can carry with you.  Not only that, but these containers hold 2 bottles of WINE and sell for just 30 dollars.  The most popular variety is their Sangria mix, which, of course, we had to bring with us camping after:


See what I mean?  All you need to do is just add the fruit, and create the perfect Sangria right at home, while camping, on a picnic, or with a big group of friends!

After visiting Edenvale, we soon headed off to Historic Jacksonville, a small town with a lot of charm and history with its buildings.  A small town that came thisclose to getting destroyed until someone moved in, saw its charm, and made sure it was a town worth saving.


BUT, this historic town, has a sweet charm about it, and tasting rooms are really beginning to move in (4 altogether in the downtown area!)

During our visit we stopped into one of the Downtown Tasting rooms at South Stage Cellars:


Once inside, we began our tasting listening to what South Stage Cellars does, known as the largest GRAPE producers in Southern Oregon, South Stage Cellars not only showcases the wines they make, but also, wines that utilize their grapes within their tasting rooms.


And, they also offer a plethora of Cheese Plates, and/or snack items to enjoy with your wines for a small additional fee.

Of course, after exploring Historic Jacksonville, this girl still felt like tasting wine, and requested at least one more tasting before heading off to Crater Lake National Park, so we quickly did our research, and found a winery on the way to our next destination.

The Winner: Agate Ridge Vineyards

And let me tell you, I am so glad we decided to stop here.  One thing I really felt from tasting wine in Southern Oregon was the hospitality, but also, the tasting rooms felt like you were walking into a home.  It was a place meant to hang out at.  At Agate Ridge, it was no different.  With a giant game of Jenga built and ready to play in the backyard, we were in for a great tasting:


But, one of my favorite wines here was a wine that could easily become an everyday staple:


Their Weeknight Rose, I mean, really, with a clever catchphrase like that, what’s not to love!

I had a blast tasting in Southern Oregon, and think they’re definitely worth a stop on your future wine adventures.

Just Remember:





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