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My French Inspired Cheese Board!

Posted by on December 10, 2017



I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in love with French Culture since I was a little girl.  It happened the first time I walked into my french language class in middle school.  From then on out, I’ve had dreams of visiting Paris, exploring the Louvre and dancing in the rain through Paris Streets!

Then, as an adult, as my love for wine and cheese began, a completely new love of France emerged, this one related to their incredible food and wine scene.  Dreams of visiting French Wine Regions dance in my head, along with amazing cuisine to pair with it.

But alas, those dreams have yet to come to fruition, however, in the meantime, at home, I can still envision and play with food and wine right at home.   And that begins with a cheese board:

With the incredible product offerings from Ile de France Cheeses, it’s so easy to create cheese boards you and your family and friends will love.  Great for holiday gatherings, a cold winter nights in, or whenever someone has a snack craving!

I know one of the first cheeses I grab whenever creating a cheese board at home is Brie, and lets be honest, the French know how to make incredible BRIE cheeses.  And, at the grocery stores, the Ile De France brand is one I rely on, and depend on with their creamy textured Bries, and of course, how delicious their cheeses are too:

See how pretty that is?  And, it comes out of the package just like that!  Add in your favorite pairings such as crackers, baguettes, salami, figs, dried apricots, jams, honey or more!  The ideas are endless… what are you thinking for your cheese board? The cheese in the back is the Saint Agur Blue Cheese, which is a perfect companion to salads, and yes, even cheese boards!

The Ile de France brand has other cheeses beyond just Brie too such as Goat Cheese (featured above on the right!) I love Goat Cheese, and am always looking for one to bring home with me.  Goat Cheese is a great pairing with a nice French Bordeaux or Beaujolais too! The Saint Andre is another soft, creamy cheese that is so delicious! and it’s a cheese that you can pretty much PAIR with any food item that is sweet or savory.  It’s the perfect companion on a cheese board loaded with crackers, nuts, and fruits!

BUT, lets be honest, with any cheese pairing, you really need a nice beverage to go along with it.  Lucky for us, we have 2 great examples of wines to have with your at home cheese boards, and these wines just happen to come from France too!

What I am recommending this time around are Easy to Drink, Affordable French Wines, and nothing says this than a wine coming from Georges DuBoeuf.  Lets be honest, the king of Beaujolais wines.  What I love about his wines are how easy they are to drink, and how affordable they are for my wallet.  Retailing anywhere from 9.99 (Pouilly Fuisse White Burgundy Wine) to 34.99 (A Red Beaujolais Wine.)

And nothing’s more pretty than drinking a glass of wine in front of the Christmas Tree this time of the year!

If you’re craving wines from the Bordeaux Region, I have you covered there, as well with these wines featured below:

The White Wine is a blend of Sauvignon and Semillion, a citrus, fruit forward white wine.  A great start to the evening wine when welcoming guests into your home.

For those that truly love Bordeaux wines, save the Red Wine for over dinner, or later in the evening, this Red Wine is a blend of beloved Bordeaux varieties of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot!  So whether you love the Left or Right Bank more, this wine has both banks covered! Also, recommended to enjoy when the lights are turned off, and its just you and your beloved Christmas Tree left in the room!

No matter what, I hope this post has inspired you to try a little bit of French Food and Wine, and to get creative while doing it!


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